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Nostradamus C9 Q23: A king's son is sacrificed to supply organs for his father.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The allusions in the text and the nature of the anagrams suggest this verse is part of the stories about royal lineage in an age where breeding of clones for organ parts is legal.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

any joy aunt surface ch[a]sed souls tonal pen is up
Puiſnay jouant au freſch deſſouz la tonne

steel heal adult to dictum Wiliem wiles use alters mud water-liliese state
Le hault du toict du milieu ſur la teſte

leper sample lotions insolates so none repel
Le pere roy au temple ſaint Solonne

Africanist fanatics ascertain carer fumed feeds artifices sacrificant resurface
Sacrifiant ſacrera fum de feſte.
The younger son playing outdoors under the arbor,
The top of the roof in the middle on his head,
The father King in the temple of Saint-Solonne,
Sacrificing he will consecrate festival smoke.
Puiſnay jouant au freſch deſſouz la tonne
Le hault du toict du milieu ſur la teſte
Le pere roy au temple ſaint Solonne
Sacrifiant ſacrera fum de feſte.
L1: <one unity span>tafur(1st crsd peter) furcates hocussed surface uszealots zealotss none runestaf futhaercs aunt joy anjou(scion) chesed(jup 4thsef) tonal supine zoul soulz jay tonne

L2: <uuiser tales><settle haul><adult dictum out><mud uuaterlilies> uuaterless uuiliem lii state ieuus uuastrels latest heal estate eurus duct isil

L3: <repel ore><so plainest><play mute><none lost> your-era insolates lotions salient solon saints petroleum stempel elastin

L4: <artifices feed scare><car era fumed> sacrificant fear fanatics satan sectarian rare creatans traces castres ascertain africanist urfa furcraea cretans satanic sefiraic recasts cifra
1: sacrificant, africanist, uuaterless, lotions, furcraea, dictum,
2: uuaterlilies, uszealots, uuastrels, sefiraic, surface, jay,
3: ascertain, sectarian, furcates,
4: artifices, insolates, fanatics, runestaf, yourera, fumed,
5: creatans,
6: plainest, uuastrel, uualters, tafur,
7: satanic,
8: castres, recasts,
9: uuiliem,
10: cretans, trances, sample, soulz, usrule, solon,
11: caries, zoul, joy,
12: -
13: chesed, douses, latest, luz,
14: fantasi, milieu, supine, settle, estate,
15: -
16: suzo, oslo, solo,
17: adult, ieuus, uuise, feeds, lost,
18: shed,
19: uuiles,
20: pelmets, temples, stempel, stemple,
21: feste,
22: uuiser, faint,
23: -

waterlilies, Africanist, waterless, sacrificant, lotions, wastrels, artifices, ascertain, insolates, dictum, fanatics, furcates, runestaf, plainest, Creatans, surface, your era, recasts, Satanic, trances, fumed, sample, feeds, adult, latest, joy, wiser, estate, Oslo, settle.

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