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Nostradamus C9 Q28: Islamist oil trade pollutes greatly expanded oceans.
Copyright - A. Webber 2015

The text of this verse uses many of the ciphers in the story of the Eastern Antichrist and his war with the three princes from the Jesus line. Amongst the anagrams for localities (t a Socile Li), place (acle p) and Islam(ist) petrol oil (le port -t Maſſili - oli) give further confirmation that the intent of this verse is to give more details of that war.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

oil smelly place petrol port Islamist moralists oil woke
Voille Symacle port Maſſiliolique

naiveness pioneers impersonate archer
Dans Venise port marcher aux Pannons

Part dirt glow foul reef reinfest Sun[n]is ill query equip
Partir du goulfre et ſinus Illirique

savants social localities oscillates guile producess ocean vast coast
Vaſt a Socile Ligurs coups de canons.
The Allied fleet from the port of Marseilles,
In Venice harbor to march against Hungary.
To leave from the gulf and the bay of Illyria,
Devastation in Sicily, for the Ligurians, cannon shots.
Voille Symacle port Maſſiliolique
Dans Venise port marcher aux Pannons
Partir du goulfre et ſinus Illirique
Vaſt a Socile Ligurs coups de canons.
L1: <~moralists ivoque place my oil sell ~><islams petrol oil><~or ivoqe place my islamist oil sell~><smelly camel port><isils temporal oil> uvoqe olive

L2: <reach responsive mart><imposter carrhae(battle)><impersonate archer><uxa pan archer orpiments><dons naiveness><archer permeations dons vans><rematch pioneers><veins and pores><march era pointers><imprecators(damners) hear> pensive vainness sperm sandn

L3: <pirate units ills refuel gourd><foul drug entries><art equip><turgid fouler rape><reunites foul ills> reinfest freest part isil steer

L4: <vast social corpus guile><produces-scan><localises on vast ocean><uglier coasts lie><ocean societal vans><decans vasson localities><unspaced avons><savants ocean> oscillates cuprous
1: imprecators, localities, oscillates, responsive, moralists, orpiments, Islamist, Calisto, smelly,
2: protensive, atropisms,pectoral, localise, savants,  social, coasts, Islams / missal,
3: oscillate, temporal, naiveness, unspaced, vainness, cuprous, rematch,
4: impersonate, permeations / spermeation, spermation, societal, pioneers, turgid, loqi,
5: imposter, coups,
6: reinfest, reunites, pensive / vespine,
7: Sigur,
8: corpus, canons, pseudo,
9: -
10: Coruus, crouus, linus, sinus,
11: pointers / proteins, deacons, carrhae, ecoli, units, calm, Mays,
12: uglier, canon, coast, Clio, vast, mass,
13: ocean,
14: sonance, petrol, foul, dirt,
15: quiper,
16: charmer, marcher, ascend / dances / decans, amiss / missa, dupes, Iove,
17: olive,
18: refuel, freest,
19: guile,
20: mast,
21: vans (2 x),
22: camel, place, ills,
23: mortar.

Key Ideas:

localities, oscillates, moralists, smelly, orpiments, Islamist, localise, savants, social coasts, Islams, temporal naiveness, impersonate, societal, pioneers, turgid, imposter, reinfest, corpus, uglier, coast, vast, ocean, mass, dirt, foul, petrol.

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