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Nostradamus C9 Q43: Religious battle fought in Marseille lost by Western allies.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

All verses in the the last three of Nostradamus' Centuries (chapters) have to be read carefuly to place their geography in a perspective consistent with the events that take place from this century (21st) onwards. The anagrams help identify the location as the south of France but the land is now covered to a depth where invaders from Iran (Elamites) penetrate deep into France. These people see their leader as the long awaited Mesias.

Anagrams of highest use in resolving this verse include:

 Horace ascended realm Ugric (Hungarian) cure reproached
Proche a deſcendre l'armee Crucigere

Elamites Islamites argues Marseilles Marseillaise repeat Israel Mesias
Sera guettee par les Iſmaelites

scouted detour cost beast abuts puts unfairer fear
De tous cottez batus par nef Rauiere

promptest pastoralism Asias ill sided imposter died regales elites regal largesse
Prompt aſſaillis de dix galeres eslites.
On the point of landing the Crusader army
Will be ambushed by the Ishmaelites,
Struck from all sides by the ship Impetuosity,
Rapidly attacked by ten elite galleys.
Proche a deſcendre l'armee Crucigere
Sera guettee par les Iſmaelites
De tous cottez batus par nef Rauiere
Prompt aſſaillis de dix galeres eslites
L1: <head calenderers><each rope descend><marlee cure horace ugric peer> chore reproached learned ascended raceme crop

L2: <israels elamites argues><aimless sites repeat><israel males><target use><marseillaise set argues><marseilles site> messia realisms amiss siamese israels missa meissa seism timepleasers islamite islamites seismal repeal isil melissa steers

L3: <scott puts out baze near far deriue><costed out><tabez puts far near><ere fear ruin> urfa abuts scout unfairer octet arriue zab

L4: <as sail prompts><ills died><ix epistles regales> priest imposter pastoralism asias promptest release dies assail meropslist triples lesser sided isil
1: pastoralism, Marseillaise, reproached, calenderers,
2: promptest, Islamites, ascended, decease,
3: timepleasers, Islamite, epistles, Siamese, Scott, stamp, octet,
4: prompts, descend,
5: Marseilles, imposter, Elamites, unfairer,
6: -
7: realisms, Merops, abuts,
8: ceased,
9:  puts,
10: aimless / seismal,
11: prompt, sided,
12: -
13: tireless (2x),
14: resplit / triples, smiles, release, abut,
15: releases, Horace, assail,
16: resiles, scout, amiss,
17: Israels, regales, argues,
18: Mesias,
19: -
20: Asias, died, head,
21: ousted, lender, list.
22: -
23: -

pastoralism, Marseillaise, reproached, calenderers, promptest, Islamites, ascended, decease, timepleasers, Islamite, epistles, Siamese, Scott, stamp, octet, prompts, descend, Marseilles, imposter, Elamites, unfairer, realisms, Merops, abuts, ceased, puts, aimless, prompt, sided, tireless, triples, smiles, release, abut, Horace, assail, resiles, scout, amiss, Israels, regales, argues, Mesias, Asias, died, head, ousted, lender, list.

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