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Nostradamus C9 Q50: A misjudgement of time arises from false profiling.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse the anagrams for February and June can be found in the last line. In addition anagrams for uniquely religious names such as Noah and Lutheran give a connection to the pale red one referred to in the text of the third line. For a similar pattern see C9 Q48 where the anagrams include the sequence 'American time code' where April is the specific month mentioned. Of the anagrams for countries found in this verse that for Soviet is the least likely to have occurred by chance. The story from both the text and the anagrams is one of mistrust and of military strategies that are badly timed.

Anagrams from which the meaning of this verse will come include:

sounds to soviet invader Noahs Lutheran laughter gene named
Mandoſus tost viendra a ſon hault regne

times mistreat [e]rrant tarrier never upend Lorraine martinets
Mettant arriere vn peu de Norlaris

rogue role mislabel Islam allies aims males lines reinter gene
Le rouge blaiſme le maſle a l'interregne

renunciate after year February Arab buyer Israel jailers June uncertain
Le jeune crainte et frayeur Barbaris.
Mandosus will soon come to his high realm,
Putting behind a little the Lorrainers:
The pale red one, the male in the interregnum,
The fearful youth and Barbaric terror.
Mandoſus tost viendra a ſon hault regne
Mettant arriere vn peu de Norlaris
Le rouge blaiſme le maſle a l'interregne
Le jeune crainte et frayeur Barbaris.
  1. <noah ardaS [ Persian prayer] invest Sounds to regulat naMe><lutheran><naMe Sounds to invest laughter><soviet laughter aStounds men> <So u.s. Manned laughter>
  2. <orleaN antiMatters unreprieved><d'orleaN terrain Mistreat><lorraiNe never dupe><d'orleaN Martinets [military disciplinarians]> uNopened realisM
  3. <rogue maleS regret miSlabel alien> <elegiambus [anc poetry style] rolE re-entering><iambelegus [anc poetry style] rolE re-entering><iSlam brogue><male allieS><aims re-entering gene roLe bulge>
  4. <israeL certain june is bar><after Buyer renunciate arab><arab feBruary tenet> jaiLers uncertain
  1. Lutheran, unreprieved, antimatters, mislabel, elegiambus, iambelegus, re-entering, uncertain, jailers, renunciate, February
  2. laughter, sounds, martinets, bulge, buyer
  3. Noah, unopened
  4. astounds
  5. mistreat
  6. -
  7. Soviet
  8. -
  9. brogue
  10. -
  11. Lorraine
  12. regret
  13. manned
  14. realism, allies
  15. -
  16. Ardas, certain
  17. invest
  18. never / nerve
  19. -
  20. -
  21. June

Lutheran. Noah Soviet, mislabel, anti-matters, buyer, renunciate, February, jailers, uncertain, martinets, mistreat, sounds, unopened, laughter, astounds, Lorraine, regret, allies, realism, manned, manned, certain, nerve, June.


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