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Nostradamus C9 Q70: The great mutation of religious sacraments.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There are many anagrams in this verse confirm the day of the Sacrament in the text of this verse refers to special religious ceremonies. These include, christen ( is trench), Matins ( tin -s Ma), Latin Mass (Latin -s Maſ), monastics ( tin -s Maſco), synodal (dans Lyo), Anchorites (ois trencha) Psalter (t Par les) and Satanism (atins Maſ). This verse has strong connections with C6 Q54.

Matins is the monastic night-time liturgy of the canonical hours ending at dawn.
Psalter represents the Book of Psalms
Latin Mass refers to the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Mass celebrated in Latin.
Anchorite  for religious reasons, withdraws from secular society lead an intensely prayer-oriented, ascetic  Eucharist-focused life.
Synodal assembly of ecclesiastics  convoked for the discussion and decision of ecclesiastical affairs.

Anagrams that help give meaning to this verse include:

Anchorites enchant lands false flames christen Lamb be cause USA chase
Harnois trenchant dans les flambeaux cachez

dead lands only Joel synodal word demented lonely Crusader
Dedans Lyon le jour du Sacrement

envied Norse torrent routes authoress chases each excuse
Ceux de Vienne ſeront treſtous hachez

Psalter ancestral canons monastic talismans Latin Mass Matins permanent Satanism replacements
Par les cantons Latins Maſcon ne ment
Sharp weapons hidden in the torches.
In Lyons, the day of the Sacrament,
Those of Vienne will all be cut to pieces,
Through the Latin Cantons Mascon does not lie.
Harnois trenchant dans les flambeaux cachez
Dedans Lyon le jour du Sacrement
Ceux de Vienne ſeront treſtous hachez
Par les cantons Latins Maſcon ne ment
L1: <anchorites blame uxa false zearch><chanters iron Haze><flames be chant orients uxa lands><false chant orients lands> <uxa blame self stand ><each cauxe lamb self stand><ironHearts chaze cauxe><false riots enchant lands>

L2: <~onLy joue Dement cruSader lands~><men Dated cruSader><synodaL uuord Scare Dement><Scream uuord enDated Lyons><Lyons Suuord menacer Dated><saDden Lonely> Demented arduouS couuardS

L3: <Czech has routeS rotten vine exude><~each vine Seen exCuzed south torrentS~><each exCuzed renneS rotten stoush / shouts> <Viennese rotten authoreSs exude><he cash out nine torrentS><~a south Czech envied torrentS Seen~>

L4: <~Latin Mass nonce (make new word) son transPlacement~><ManS antitonaLs (monotonal) rePlacements><men nonce ancestral son taLiSMans><Psalter sin cannot Last><mans sPectral antitonals><Permanent scale><men nonce Satanism Part scale><saLon MonasticS ascent><Matins Sonance rePlacements>
1: replacements, antitonals, monastics, talismans, authoress, enchant, Czech, scams, Latin Mass, permanent scales,
2: Anchorites, transplace, ancestral, permanent, couuards, Satanism, 
3: talisman, excuzed, demented, crusader, arduous, drauus, shout / south, haze,
4: Ironhearts, christen, chanters / tranches, Viennese, excuze, uuord,
5: sceptral / spectral, stamina, menacer, suuord / uuords, flames,
6: synodal, torrents, 
7: Lyons (=4 as Lyons), cannot, joel, scam,
8: octanes, parcels, crusade, lonely, canons, 
9: dated,
10: -
11: trench,
12: creams / scream, mass,
13: Rennes,
14: sonance,
15: cursa, lamb,
16: chanter / tranche, false / fleas, Joue,
17: torrent, latins, beam,
18: stouter, plaster / psalter,
19: blame,
20: cauxe,
21: -
22: -
23: cleans / lances.

authoress, enchant, monastics, anti-tonals, replacements, Czech, talismans, Latin Mass, permanent scales, lonely, Anchorites, cannot, transplace, ancestral, canons, Crusader, permanent, cowards, excused, Satanism, demented, Viennese, chanters, christen, sword, Ironhearts, menacer, synodal, flames, dated, Lyons, spectral, torrents, Rennes, blame, false, scream, shout, Psalter.


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