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Nostradamus C9 Q99: Wind borne chemicals bring a war to an end by spreading a fatal disease.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In reaching into the future Nostradamus inevitably examined it from a personal perspective. He had a life long interest in medicine and this current verse's anagrams provide a sound structure to the text that tell us this was one of the avenues he explored. The text makes sense when read not as a war but a commentary on a deadly disease that is borne by the wind.

When the people eat the flesh of wild animals they die and the dead are thrown over the city walls with ash, lime and dust thrown as well to cover their bodies. However heavy rains expose them constantly to the disease because it interacts with minerals in the soil in a way even advanced science cannot stop.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

equivalent event Lion aliqot part elegies foreplan relies
Vent Aquilon fera partir le ſiege

remap urge deterrence centered chase piteous poet Saul regrets pious ape gesture rise
Par murs geter cendres chauls et pouſiere

 Yule paper Parques (Fates) refuel fear epigene (non current DNA genesis) by ape liquers
Par pluye apres qui leur fera bien piege

resources encounters electron rule for furore reoriented denier
Dernier ſecours en contre leur frontiere.
The 'Aquilon' Wind will cause the siege to be raised
Over the walls to throw ashes, lime and dust
Through rain afterwards, which will do them much worse
Last help against their frontier.
Vent Aquilon fera partir le ſiege
Par murs geter cendres chauls et pouſiere
Par pluye apres qui leur fera bien piege
Dernier ſecours en contre leur frontiere.
L1: <fear no part equiVAlent><eVen liegeS Aliquot><quinAte foreplan><para-fluorine it relies><profane quAntile art >

L2: <urges recent / center remaP><arches centered><learchus piteous raper><regrets sulphate crescend><poets uui-leS search><unsearched pustuloSe ((weeping insect bite) erect><drenches crete>deterrences pious gesture pulsate gumtrees crashed spelt / slept

L3:<yule (Xmas) paper parques (Roman fates) lie><epulary (feasts) paper fear squire / risque  rule><fear rule bi epigene> <Page purely ape liquers><purely a Peeping pasquiler (lampooner)>graPple

L4: <entire furore reindeerS source><Source consent> <for entire rule><reorienteD once in reSorces> <electron runes> <tiereD forerun>
1: unsearched, sulphate, para-fluorine, drenches, gumtrees, piteous, peeping, pipeage, 
2: equivalent, foreplan, aliquot, reindeers, grapple, epigene,
3: reoriented, liqueurs, deterrence,
4: pustulose, pasquiler, forerun, peeing,
5: resources, crashed, liquers, profane, centred, purely, regrets,
6: felon,
7: epulary, resource, sincere,
8: Learchus, Persiae, repage,
9: gesture, 
10: pasquier, furore, egrets / greets,
11: spout, repay,
12: requips, poets,
13: oriented, elegies, pious, hauls, page,
14: quantile,
15: -
16: Lepuy,
17: gets,
18: refuel (2x)
19: Parques, poet,
20: consent, sources, apart,
21: risque / squire, Erbian, salute, centre / center / recent,
22: spelt,
23: -

sulphate, para-fluorine, pipeage, drenches, gumtrees, unsearched, resources, quantile, aliquot, equivalent, foreplan, reindeers, grapple, reoriented, epigene, liqueurs, piteous, deterrence, forerun, crashed, regrets, profane, gesture, centred, felon, furore, poets, page, spout, elegies, oriented, pious, Parques, consent, refuel, recent, epulary, sources.




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