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Nostradamus C10 Q11: To protect the newly cloned species of ape his tribe becomes nomadic.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text's reference to the posthumous one and the Pyrenees affirms the hint in C10 Q7 and implies that the cloned ape comes from DNA of someone who has died. The anagrams tell us that the story of protection of that child by his tribe becoming nomadic. This tale has traces of the story of Jesus family fleeing Bethlehem to escape Herods infanticidal edict.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

subdoses Ions cheer duad range aruspexes expunger pass age
Dessoubz Ionchere du dangereux paſſage

feared repass pole thus poets mouths amuse base band
Fera paſſer le poſthume ſa bande

solemn points spy syntrope sharpness horses baragnosis
Les monts Pyrens paſſer hors ſon bagaige

precampaign Agrippan candidature appearing uneradicated romancuria comparing
De Parpignam courira duc a tende
At the dangerous passage below Junquera,
The posthumous one will have his band cross
To pass the Pyrenees mountains without his baggage
From Perpignan the duke will hasten to Tende.
Dessoubz Ionchere du dangereux paſſage
Fera paſſer le poſthume ſa bande
Les monts Pyrens paſſer hors ſon bagaige
De Parpignam courira duc a tende
L1: <sage rued auspex danger><agen aruspex(animal><age pass><cheer zion> cheiron chione entrail reader) expunger expurge underage ungraded unregarded zib enoch duad sagas preaux gases passage sages undead eddarun endorheic

L2: <thus same band><fear pass petrols><mouths abase> south base shut lesser poets amebas upholster lepers host spot stop mabuse repel tops sabean paperless amuse feared freed shot

L3: <spy pass shore><agile sons bag>omens pyres prey solemn poynters horse aggai(1st bish edessa) hero baragnosis seraphs solemnest gaia shorepass phrases agiel rho lemnos bang passes sharpness horses shares sabon metons resh shores syntrope some pyrm s

L4: <comparing uneradicated><raping deed><precampaign act ended><camping raped> agripp-named-courier candidature appearing decadent anteceded acmon caudate pandered conarium cauda romancuria coma paper agrippan enacted acute needed pig
1: agrippnamedcourier, uneradicated, candidature, baragnosis, romancuria, comparing, upholster, shorepass, conarium, sharpness, camping, sabean,
2: precampaign, anteceded, expunger, decadent, mouths, caudate, expurge, mabuse, aggai, zion, gaia,
3: unregarded, appearing, agrippan, pandered, acmon, south, shout, cauda, bang,
4: amebas, horses, shores, abase,
5: solemnest, paperless, phrases, seraphs, chione, pig,
6: underaged, cheiron, raping, thus, shut,
7: passage, enacted, sagas, bag,
8: pyrmonts, auspex, pauxes, undead, duad,
9: poynters, syntrope, aruspex, zib,
10: grip, post, tops, stop, spot,
11: ended, needd,
12: sabon, poets,
13: petrols, douses, zub,
14: shares, spans, amuse, host,
15: solmnest, underage,
16: respans, spry,
17: preys, pyres, respy,
18: enoch,
19: acute, coma, liege,
20: preaux, gases, sages, defer, freed, hut,
21: caut,
22: passes, edges,
23: dud, here,

Key Ideas:

uneradicated, candidature, precampaign, romancuria, comparing, upholster, baragnosis, sharpness, camping, anteceded, Agrippan, expunger, decadent, appearing, solemnest, underaged, mouths, pandered, caudate, syntrope, enacted, aruspex, horses, poets, needed.

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