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Nostradamus C10 Q55: Salafid Islamists create a new entity that thrives on disunion.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is one of many Nostradamus' entries on war even though it is introduced as a description of marital discord. It is the anagrams that provide the context and it implies the wording in the text ia a metaphor for an unfortunate alliance as well as being about a marriage. In the second line there are anagrams for Salafi, Islam, Jordan, finalism and wheelers and together with the other anagrams in that line and verse they place the focus on a harsh Dervish like sect that endangers the world. Also from the anagrams it appears the danger arises through their hatred of modern technology with the exception of mechanisms that allow them to finance and organise their operations. There is also a suggestion that in the earliest stages there is a severe setback due to distance between the supplier and the end-user.

Anagrams giving a frame for this verse include:

elsewhere Montreals males neuroses opens cycles reborn rebel laments
Les malheureuſes nopces celebreront

Islam Salafi finalism wheelers elsewhere endanger joy
En grand joye mais la fin malheureuſe

Eddas gain organised monetary region yet year meter endorsed army tormentor gained magnetron ideas
Mary et mere nore deſdaigneront

help by remote meteor torrent note supplier pulpits pupils use embryo  torment,
Le Phybe mort et nore plus piteuſe.
The unfortunate nuptials will be celebrated
In great joy but the end unhappy:
Husband and mother will slight the daughter-in-law
The Phybe dead and the daughter-in-law more pitiful.
Les malheureuſes nopces celebreront
En grand joye mais la fin malheureuſe
Mary et mere nore deſdaigneront
Le Phybe mort et nore plus piteuſe.

Anagram Clusters contained in French text  ( ~ means full line used)

  1. <uuhere males><ensureS scope / copes / copse><montreaLs rebel><uuheelers [Dervishes] openS reborn metaLs> nitrogen region
  2. <islam joyed Endangers us><~salafi [Islam sect] main uuheelers [Dervishes] Endanger joy~> <ElSe-uuhere a finalism [belief in final causes]><Endangers us> < uSe jordan gEne>
  3. <Monetary term endorSed gain><yet organiSed Mart redone><yet diSagreed on mere Matron><Magnetron ideaS><a year term reMington endorSed>
  4. <~uSe spite heLp rotten embryo pulse~><tormentor be><supplier not heLp by remote uSE><heLP propulse rotten embryo><heLP by meteor>
1: Remington, finalism, Salafi,
2: magnetron, monetary, pulpits, pupils, embryo, Jordan, joyed,
3: brontometer, disagreed, elseuuhere, supplier, Necepsos, endorsed,
4: tormentor, reborn, seuuers,
5: antinegro, nitrogen, uuheelers (2x), purples, suppler, hype,
6: propulse, ornament, laments,
7: grandiose, organised, Montreals, Myra / army / Mary, help,
8: Rontgen, peplus, ensures,
9: endangers, scope,
10: neuroses, fails,
11: uuhere, uuhere, joy,
12: metals,
13: ensues, seuuer (2x), pits,
14: -
15: torment,
16: endorse, redone,
17: torrent, gained, meteor / remote,
18: endanger, final, Eddas,
19: -
20: Islam,
21: alias, aides, ideas, Tyre,
22: rebel, year,
23: ignore / Origen / region, leuees / sleeue.

Key Ideas:

Remington, finalism, Salafi, magnetron, monetary, pulpits, pupils, embryo, Jordan, joyed,  brontometer, disagreed, elsewhere, supplier, Necepsos, endorsed, tormentor, reborn, sewers, antinegro, nitrogen, wheelers, purples, hype, propulse, ornament, laments, organised, Montreals, Mary, help, Rontgen, peplus, ensures, endangers, scope, neuroses, fails,  where, joy, metals, ensues, pits, torment, endorse, redone,  torrent, gained, meteor, endanger, final, Eddas, Islam, alias, ideas, Tyre, rebel, year, ignore.

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