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Nostradamus on 21stC impact of an asteroid on Earth

© Allan Webber January 2018.

21st asteroid event in Nostradamus PropheciesIt is the purpose of this paper to present the Sephirot Chart that details how objects from the sky damage the earth soon after having their course altered by close contact with other planets. These events change the destiny of genetic forms found on this planet. At the same time the hazards accelerate the friction between religious groups when a sect sets out to utilize new gene technology to further their long held beliefs abou the death of Christ and his supposed return.

Frequency of  prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C2 Q27 1: re-applied, 2: recoupled, uuar-planes, surpassed, precoder, proceed, 3: under-rates, pursual, pouuered, 4: Lucifer, parades, 5, Prelude, recode, 6: divine-rule, reselect, usual / lauus, 7: encharm. 8:Paulus, Monarch, Crusade,

C2 Q56 1: commuted, deceitful, prompted, 2: parentdom, eleuating, Nostrdam, uuand, 3:Babel, unceased, 4: Lucifer enquire, 5: ruinable, rabble, leauing, 6: dormant, strand, 7; Rafuna, muted, ovulant, 8: define, babe,

C4 Q33 1: asteroid-planes, inapproachable, introject, plutonic, plenitude, encharmed, 2: dispensator, blanched, zealous, injector, re-launch, farmers, 3: adroitness, re-appeal, 4: branch, 6: debut, 7: stands

C3 Q40 1: asteroids, jets, Japs, evangeliser, 2: invaderz, disaster, propel, theatres, 3:  desolating, reinstated, 4: delegations, treaties 5: alongside, death, 6: sustained

C4 Q37 1: Eosophorus, 2: Austral, greater, regulator, 3: underlaid, soft, pursual, 4: abusers 5: darling, nubiles, enrapture, 6: Polaris, obscure,

C1 Q27 1: de-escalating, torturous, include, 2: Polar-signs, Gienah, 3: lineaged, songs, espoused, signs, 4: greatest, delegations, Lucifer, genuine, gnosis, 6: chained,

C5 Q100 1: recapturing, erupting, seedheads, caudicle, nutrients, operable, chapters,  rutting, oxens, : 2: fortunates, genomic, patches, feeding, axons, 3: assessed, 4: profanes, 6: truest, comets,

C2 Q29 1: valorising, adages, entreating, 2: carpenters, mortalness, pleuralgia, 3: temporalness, eventual, relegation, penants, clearer, 4: Essenoi, Psalmtones, 5: presagient asteroid, 6: saga, 7:plague, partners, 8: relation,

C1 Q20 1: desulfurated, apexes-vertices, Meistersinger, testaments / statements, cementing, tuneful, gestures, 2: teaching, 3: rimesters, angular, apexes, 5: address, emblem, rotteness;

C3 Q03 1: exoteric, vertices, exotic, 2: Sephirothene, emblems, excite, 3: perplex, embalmers, adds, 4: neither, extreme, joint, emblem, contrite, 6: lecturer, hint, 8: found, 9: ensemble,

The above anagrams reflect the impact and origin of the objects striking the earth from the sky and the mechanisms for carrying it in poetry.

The ciphers used for the construction of this Sephirot use the distinctive phrase struck from the sky as its structural core. This then enables the choice of the ten verses based on the strength of their cohesion.

But most importantly these words signal the time when an impact upon the earth is so large it changes fundamental physical aspects that have been in place for countless millennia.

The significance of this event is the primary reason it appears at this point in the book for everything else in the time after this strike has to be seen with a completely world view.

Nostradamus Prophecies C1 Q27


However it also gives the opportunity to show in more detail another aspect of his coding techniques. It relates to allusive words that allow ideas and events to be specified.

 The case to be examined here is the French phrase du ciel frappe meaning struck from the sky. The direct association from this cipher is with objects such as asteroids, comets and meteors and this aspect of allusion has been abundantly demonstrated in the discussion of earlier Sephirots. But there is often much more within the repeated word structures that Nostradamus selected to form these allusions.

For instance, from the lettering iel frappe an adjacent anagram string for life paper (ielf rappe) is formed. Deducing this refers to Nostradamusí Prophecies, the combination of text and anagrams conveys the sort of urgency a large meteor strike brings. In this framework there is sufficient to explain some of Nostradamusí motivation for writing prophecies about the 21stC and beyond.

In verse C1 Q27 the lettering preceding that of life paper gives an anagram for include. Other anagrams in that verse for songs, signs, Polaris, genuine and gnosis (knowledge) all fit to the evidence found throughout this book.

But the power of Nostradamus' ciphers is they are multi-dimensional. It is already apparent they provide the base for unifying the Sephirots but they often do far more. And in the case of struck from the sky there is plenty more to see.

From the lettering u ciel frappe adjacent anagrams for Lucifer Apep (ucielfr appe) are generated.Now Apep via one of its alternate names Apophis is the title of an asteroid and it gets that title from an Egyptian Snake God. Hence through Apep there is an allusory link to the concept of striking. This imagery is further strengthened by Lucifer and Apep / Apophis being considered dark satanic forces by the ancients.

But Lucifer is also an alternate name for the planet Venus in its appearance as the Morning Star and Venus is a planet name repeated in the text of these ten verses and in verse C4 37 there is the singular anagram yielding Eosphorus (hpouSSero) which is also used for Venus as the Morning Star. This is then an allusion linking the cipher to movements of heavenly objects.

So the combination of the Lucifer Apep elements contains the same meaning as the French phrase struck from the sky in which it's found.

The above is only one minor part of the value delivered via this Sephirot. For instance the last two verses in this chart hold ciphers that validate the methods used in building every one of my Sephirot series. The content of one of these two C3 Q03 shown alongside  illustrates how intricately entwined the explanation of code methodology is with the delivery of these stories. It is also notable that the methods I use are those described by the anagrams in all four lines of this verse.

Nostradamus Prophecies C3 Q03 struck from skyC3 Q03
Mars & Mercury, & the silver joined together,
Mars et Mercure et l'argent joint ensemble
join ten emblems recur in master / stream

Towards the south extreme drought.
Vers le midy extreme Siccite
verse mid[d]le meter ex-y vertices

In the depths of Asia one will say the earth trembles,
Au fond d'ASie on dira terre tremble
found ideas ordinate meterable

Corinth, Ephesus then in perplexity.
Corinthe EpheSe lors en perplexite
Sephirothene roles excite exoteric_person_repel

Mostly understanding the themes and details in this Sephirot comes from viewing it together with the clusters in the frequency anagram table but there are a few terms and important issues worthy of commentary.

One such issue is that contained in the French lettering of struck from the sky (du ciel frappe) which generates the dual layer of anagrams, life paper and Lucifer Apep. As detailed above the life paper reference can be seen in conjunction with others to be about Nostradamusí lifetime crusade to set down his visions about the era when mankind lives in a highly technological age. Importantly his crusade sees both the benefits and tragedies that arise from mankindís brilliance. In particular it becomes possible for those so inclined to engineer a version of the biblical story in which Christ returns to earth. But equally, modernity enables us to interfere with other components of the universe and together these bring about a disastrous aftermath.

The Lucifer Apep anagram is part of the modernity story of mankind's mal-influence on our planet. One of our interferences relates to space. We now voluntarily visit space and other planets and in doing so we may encounter life forms or transport our palnet's organisms to other places where they evolve differently.

Venus is prominent in the text of C4 Q33 a verse which also mentions other planets but mentions Venus twice. In the last line Mars is identified as a planet that strikes an engraved object.

The above and clues in other verses in the cluster imply there is an unusual interaction of the planets causing their appearance to alter. It is as though they each in turn receive strikes from space objects. Such a happening would trigger changes in the motion of many of the countless objects in our solar system. Together the presence nature of all these terms implies actions of mankind are in some way partially responsible for these alterations to our companion planets.

The Sephirot also tells us that a large asteroid hits our planet in the far-east with Japan being the possible first strike location. But there are other space object impacts around the world with Rafuna in the Balkans incurring the most violent hit.

ThNostradamus Prophecies C2 Q27 life paper codese extent to which allusion based on ciphers can contribute to understanding each verse relies on both the anagrams and the use of the Sephirot method to measure the strength of its links.

In the above presentation the concentration has been on the astronomic event rather than that of the life paper but that too gains by the methodology just stated. For instance verse C2 Q27 sets a strong tone in its text. The secret closed up with the revelation can readily be seen as anagram based code hidden in the lettering of the prophecies. This concept is linked to the text of nearby verses with a similar thread in C1 Q27 the treasure is hidden illustrating the connection.  But the anagrams of this cluster have relevance to Nostradamus' life paper since they reflect its coding aspect that enables a treasure to be hidden in his poetry.

The next chapter looks at the evidence that identifies the extraordinary event mentioned in the foregoing.

More details on the above stories can be accessed through my paper called Apophis.

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