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Nostradamus' Code Mechanisms for Life and Death Nuclear events
Allan Webber October 2017, April 2020.

It is the purpose of this paper to present the Sefirot showing the way Nostradamus fulfilled my claims that his coding system by some as yet unknown means allowed him to build modern technological references into the 16th century language of his Prophecies.

The tale and its methods is covered in considerable detail in my paper called Nuclear. This papers covers the story line given via this Sefirot as well as other branches on the same theme.

This Sefirot incorporates several verses where it is only possible to gasp at the realization that the anagrams do exist in the form shown. For example appearing in this cluster are words, terms and phrases such as radio-nuclear (1), denuclearisation (1), destruction (3) particles (3), spectral (5) lines, positronium (1), positron/s (2/3), nucleon (1), actinides (4), actinoid/s (2), columbate (1), tantalumite (1), nuclear-ion (2) and enrich-uranium (1). These are clearly modern and equally clearly relate to terms we use in discussing nuclear topics.

Yet these aren't simple words nor are they frequent as shown by the total number of occurrences (in brackets). They have adjacency and often conform to phrasing in the text although such descriptions are less precise since that content was there to be read by people as far back as the sixteenth century. The conformity is illustrated by columbate & tantalumite which relate to a mineral source of importance to the nuclear industry and they appear in two lines of the same verse. The text talks of a shiny metal being used as a weapon which is strange and fearful for the citizens.

Their existence cannot be denied and this leaves an almost impossible puzzle. How could they be there at all? How could a sixteenth century personage have had access to such precise terminology? By what means could links that are quite visible have been built into the verses by chance alone?

I believe the evidence I produce shows Nostradamus' Prophecies include many stories from 21st century technology and beyond.

The story of the danger from Nuclear weapons is a current issue and eerily this analysis covers its range despite my original analyses of this topic having been performed nearly twenty years ago. The material included in this paper makes up the backbone of many of my papers all of which are accessible at Through several other papers at this site I also try to answer the puzzles arising from my analyses. 

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