Sephirot about Nostradamus major themes
Sephirot about Nostradamus major themes

Allan Webbers Sephirots for Nostradamus Prophecies

Allan Webber  2020

  Michel de Nostredame
  Michel de Nostredame


**Nostradamus perceptions of his own prescient abilities and its evolutionary path **


My published Sefirots (52) currently use 38% (361) of all verses included in Nostradamus 942 Prophecies.  They cover the titles given below. Clicking on any title will give you access to that page on my site.

Their content in the main is prophecies relevant to our future plus coding mechanisms used in these verses. The code content includes modern technology and English terms.

Many of the unused verses relate to Nostradamus 16thC projects undertaken on behalf of his patrons. The coding in this set is likely to involve two or more languages such as Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Nordic, German or Occitan.

Links to my Sefirot Web Pages arranged by Topic

Major Themes

The Cornerstones (Themes & basis) of Nostradamus Prophecies
Nostradamus major theme of the Gnostic history that most affects the future of mankind

The turning of the Pole Star in 2105 used as a major time marker/metaphor/cipher
Date-Code for Modern War

The emergence of Prescient beings in the period after 2100CE.
The issues facing Prescient beings in the period of emergence after 2100CE.

21st century Plagues 

American influence-22ndC War Disease and Jesus_Clone 
legacy of 2020 Coronavirus War cause & effect  
biological disease in Nost Verses (Phages & pathogens)
How death habits, customs and laws change in 21stC
Tyrants behind 21stC Nuclear_Bio wars

Nuclear events:

crucial nuclear developments impacting the 21st C & beyond
nuclear development & war in 21stC (Radiation)
legacy events like Chernobyl whose environmental interactions change the human race

How nuclear events amplify the risks from genetic manipulation for religious ends
Tyrants behind 21stC Nuclear_Bio wars
How Nuclear development damages civil society through non-nuclear wars

Flood events 21stC and beyond

Massive flooding at end of 21stC changes landscape-drowns cities-reduces fields
Impact and extent of huge sea level rises due to flood event

21stC War events and beyond

Ns commentary on wars and the poetic motifs he used

21stC Wars Causation
21stC Wars signal events coinciding with start
Fanatics and Zealots and their impact on 21stC Wars
Modern Terrorism as an emerging response in imbalanced wars
Chemical Warfare in the 21stC
The mid 21st Geographic accident that starts a series of wars

Religious wars involving Christ-clone and Antichrist
Pannonian barren-lady centred Wars (Pan Barren).
Adriatic based religious war over Christ-clones claims during quake era

21stC marker events

Incident at Geneva around 2065 that signals start of Nuclear- Flood-War events (Sef code 16).

The important role of fiery sky objects to mankind's future set out (Sef code 8).
Impact of asteroid late in 21stC (Sef code 18).

American disaster in Iran during 21stC (Sef code 17).

Gold and silver fraud (Gold Fraud). (Gold Fraud)
Gold and silver honors as time markers of fraud). (Gold Honors)

21st -22nd century details of family named by Nostradamus 

Family Names 
Family British story
The part played by an Islamic Madonna in starting religious wars 

Three brothers central to a war 
Two Brothers central to next generational wars

Code Mechanisms:

Code cipher methods referring to Sefirots, Centuries, Nostradamus etc
Hienrich Cornelius Agrippa as a major influence on Ns code methods
Manual of Astronomy code ciphers & techniques
Impact of Persian culture (astronomy etc) on N's date ciphers

Historical contributions:

Influence of local current issues (16thC Agen) on Ns mission
16thC Bourbon lineage theme via place and people ciphers
Ns struggles with his patrons to complete their goals and his own mission

Influence of Essene sect values on 21stC genetic manipulation
Essene belief in Madonna lineage affects 21stC religious wars
Marguerite d'Angoulemes blood line  beliefs shape Ns mission
Belief in Paraclete role traced from ancient times to 21stC

Financial events over the centuries affecting mankind's future  

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