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Nostradamus on how Christ's future blood line unfolds in nuclear age

Allan Webber April 2020.

Nostradamus'blood line quest in the context of his 16thC base and his 21stC nuclear visions.

There are a limited number of occurrences of terms of nuclear / atomic nature in Nostradamus' Prophecies.

Via my analyses methods I have  identified enough of sufficient merit to create four nuclear-focused sephirots where each contains ten verses (quatrains).  

Frequency of complex Modern Nuclear terms (as anagrams)  in Nostradamus Prophecies

Appearing in this cluster are nuclear words, terms and phrases such as:

radio-nuclear (1), denuclearisation (1), destruction (3) particles (3), spectral (5) lines, positronium (1), positron/s (2/3), nucleon (1), actinides (4), actinoid/s (2), columbate (1), tantalumite (1), nuclear-ion (2), protoactinims (1) proactiniums (1), actiniums (1) and enrich-uranium (1).

These are clearly modern and equally clearly relate to terms we use in discussing nuclear topics.

In the list alongside I mention some of the modern nuclear related terms and phrases I have found as anagrams in Nostradamus Prophecies. In brackets I show their frequency and it is apparent they aren't simple products of chance. This is amplified by other features such as connection to other anagrams and the text found in each verse all of which reduces the probability of chance.

What I can't easily show is that they also stand out through the absence of patterning for other elements. I can only show what is there not what is lacking so potassium (discovered in 1807), and phosphorus (discovered in 11669) for example don't occur in any verse while sodium a metal also discovered in 1807 occurs only in verse C10 Q67 (where there is also an anagram for emblem) .

But modern metals such as plutonium, thorium, radium and uranium are also not specifically named. They are however components of the actinides and are in this form are covered by the terms protoactinium, proactinium  and actiniums which are all found in the same location in a single verse (C10 Q65).

 I endeavor in all my presentations to ensure I fairly represent the existence or absence of all known possibilities. Most elements for example other than those of relevance to the 16thC cannot be found.

By contrast ancient metals such as Gold Silver Iron Copper Mercury and Sulphur although included  in the anagrams also appear quite frequently in the text of the verses . But these don't produce a paradox challenge to our understanding of time by their existence within the prophecies.

Once anagrammatic terms are located my methods offer no means by which they can be redacted so even my earliest data and writings show the same terms. And importantly where they appear both the visible story line and the anagrammatic cluster have a high correlation with known properties and modern usage of the referent term. 

Despite the lack of visible presence of modern terminology the peculiarity of the wording in the text has led earlier researchers to suggest some of the verses are about atomic bombs. However the jumbled nature of the verses denies those researchers other means that could support or invalidate their claim.

Yet by focusing on the lettering and using rigid rules of relevance for selecting terms (formed by letter re-arrangement) I show through my sefirots that there is detectable patterning. This emerges by links able to be deduced between text and anagrams and verses containing similar terms. These  not only exist as connections but they build a single story with several threads that cover past, present and future aspects of their central tale.

In other papers and sefirots I have made a point of talking about Nostradamus' motivation for writing a work that took him out of his knowable experience into a modern totally foreign world.  I use as the basis for understanding his motives his location and 16thC cultural settings of southern France .

I take as a central axiom that  Nostradamus' Prophecies have a local focus no matter the time or location of the events he sets out to describe.

And  the following sefirot holds material I believe confirms and strengthens each of the foregoing claims made by me. To show this I restate my four core positions about Nostradamus motivations.

Firstly Nostradamus' life took its shape by living in towns such as St Remy (Provence), Alet les Bains, Agen and Salon (Provence).

Secondly Nostradamus' writings were for a local audience with the obscure nature of the work implying it was for a private 16thC audience.

Thirdly, without the aid of backers his works wouldn't have survived far beyond his life and domain.

And fourthly the project involving a distant future needed the enthusiastic approval of his backers.

In this current sefirot which focuses on the less structured ciphers for nuclear events there are several other common ciphers that re-visit themes found throughout all the verses. These involve the proponents of the action in the 21st-22ndC and a cluster of terms that identify people who have relevance to the 16th 18th and later centuries. 

Just as the nuclear terms have identifying linkages so too do the terms that establish the themes that clothe the main topic. There is d'Alencon, d'Angouleme, Lord Angouleme and Valois line within a setting where an abnormal pregnancy and radiation induced mutation threatens the blood line.

Now the names fit to the most influential person in Nostradamus neighborhood namely Marguerite d'Angouleme, Queen of Navarre and grandmother of Henry IV of France the rightful claimant to the throne of the French Valois line of kings. (See my papers titled Angouleme and Henry IV for back stories.)

Marguerite was a perfect candidate to be a guiding patron for Nostradamus. Not only did he live close to her court in Nerac while in Agen but she had a strong interest in the future blood line of the king of France. Throughout Nostradamus' life there was little chance her line would take the throne of France but she was a mover and shaker. A careful but definite friend to heretics she was also steeped in the Christ blood line heresies of Southern France. So the idea of binding her lineage to the future royal line of France would have been strong in her mind as would be her belief that her own blood held a link to that of the legendary Christ line.

Supporting this contention are the visible ciphers for place names in the text of the verses where all this data is already bound. They are the places near to Nerac with many such as Toulouse, Marmande and Beziers sharing common accessibility via the River Garonne. High placed residents of Agen had known affiliations with Marguerite's Nerac with Nostradamus' 1530s patron Jules of Agen serving as one of Queen Marguerite's physicians. 

Toulouse during the early life of Nostradamus was the business center for one of the richest men in France. Jean de Bernuy was the kingpin in the pastel (blue dye) industry in the region from Toulouse to Carcassonne. He also had a strong relation with Marguerite as demonstrated by his being the major financial backer in 1525 for the release of her beloved brother Francis II of France from captivity by the King of Spain. (See my paper titled Nostradamus sect for back story.) 

So the appearance of these person and town names tie into Nostradamus' life and suggest two directives for his work originating from important persons with whom he had contact. The first directive was to provide background esoteric support for placing a royal child of Southern France upon the throne of France. The second was to establish the future of a royal line that could claim links to the blood line of Christ. It is in following that quest that Nostradamus' own nature was inevitably changed but it was constantly shaped by the entwined nature of his two directives. (See my paper titled Jules of Agen for back story.)

The material included in this paper makes up the backbone of many of my papers all of which are accessible at My page that allows the reader to see import or otherwise of the links used in this Sefirot is links_future.htm.

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Nostradamus Sefirot: Christ blood line quest in Nuclear ages.






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