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Nostradamus on 21stC leaders & followers waging Bio-Nuclear wars 

Allan Webber Mar 2020.

This Sefirot Chart brings together ten verses that share the same story lines as those found in my Sefirot series on Plague related factors. It does this in presenting a tightly knit group that identifies the people, the period, the events and each of the modern technology factors covered by the companion sefirots.

Frequency of anagrams in cluster where bio-nuclear warfare is implied in the text.

Appearing in this cluster are words, terms and phrases such as :

unheroic (1), tyrant/s (1),  internuclear (1), uueapons (2), fanatic (5), couple(3)_mutate(2) (1), mutafacient (1), disrupture (1),  ventromedial (1), papule/s (5,2), nameless(3)_gene) (1) planetic(5)_element(7)_hurts(3) (1), asteroids (1), comets(8), meteors (8), complete (2), Ierusalems(4) _male_seed_illness/es(3/7) (1)
mortalness (1), plague/s (7/4)

These have a clear cohesiveness that is consistent with events starting in 2020.

In fact these verses could easily have had their place in one or more of the other sefirots. However the clustering into groups of ten verses in the manner I have used enables different aspects to be easily identified and followed. But here in this cluster it brings out features that may easily be overlooked when they occur in isolation.

Scattered amongst the anagrams in the verses are threads of atomic mishaps brought about by ruthless political nuclear deals, fanaticism and unfortunate natural events such as plague and planet-like objects. These disruptures compel there to be a population whose existence is threatened not just by death but by male impotence induced by radiation events.

The ideas given in the hidden anagrammatic content resonate with those seen through the visible text. In C10 Q65 we have one of several independent references to a cruel tyrant. There are several others that allude to a state of terrorism in which people are struck by objects from the sky. The anagrams in the sefirot below give rich detail to the long declaimed obscurity of Nostradamus' texts and they do so for a range of themes already known but little understood. In doing this we can better appreciate the goals of Nostradamus as well as the motivations behind his reticence and accomplishments.

Some of these story lines are seen more fully in :


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C8 Q65 C6 Q81 C6 Q76 C5 Q14 C4 Q55 C7 Q21 C5 Q23 C3 Q29 C2 Q29 C1 Q09

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