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Nostradamus on virulent death in 21stC changes the way mankind lives

Allan Webber March 2020.
Frequency of anagrams in cluster where plague mentioned in text.

C4 Q50 1: nineteen, irrevisable, healing, libraries, 2: verbalise, foresaid, harmonical / monarchial disease, pre-techniques, 3: hierarchal, Orchidean, chide, 4: terminal, Carloman, enforces, 5: confers, normal, 6: mentorial, partner, braver, perishes, 7: anchor, spheres,

C2 Q65 1: manacled, helpers, calendaring, peripherals, 2: ancestral, tide-almanac, pectates / spectate, 3: pituite, declaimant, enframe, Alphares, freeman, cling, 4: Leningrad, turbines / tribunes, 5: helps, Etruscan, eerie 7: aclimate, calendar, scalar, learner, 8: carnaged, burns, 9: replicate, 11: sphere, units.

C9 Q90 1: gang-leader, uuelcomes, alienated, Avicenna, 2: reprimands, source-less, universes, federates, inverses, Minerva, revises, 3: meandering, viscerous, lineaged, captain, faltered, environ, viruses, aureoles, eddy, 4: super -realism, Ierusalems, dreaming, midrange, dateline, draftee, gangs, 5: mulises, La Ferte, agendas, 6: misrule, variedness, days,

C10 Q96 1: Salafid, telecaster, helped, 2: re-summoned, obsecrated, religion, Minervas, undoing, Asad, deplore, blessez, 3: lunatic, ascertained, acidulant, 4: infector, redistance, desecration, 5: nautical, dials, deepen, stifle, 6: sobeit, aleph, 7: varies, apparel, help, 8: sacred, 10: tolerances, fails,

C6 Q49 1: amend-programme, effranchise, dreamtime, chiffre, mammered, 2: confines, securable, demulcents, duads, affiche, 3: partial, forensical, intumesced, 4: falconers garb, plagues, 5: miller, Ferrara, defile, finds, 6: seclude, 7: bag, 8: aseptic, diameter,

C6 Q24 1: morticians, Romanistic, metrications, re-acclaim, tularaemic, filariae, streamlets, 2: superapes, progenital, creationism, pacifies, protester, voting, 3: reselects, narcotism, 4: require, simulate, Ionic, 5: cremations, 6: pre-select, superape, sceptres, 7: rareness, aclimate,

C7 Q22 1: society, semeiotical, timescale, 2: mistreated, cremation, domineer, scenery, novices, misread, 3: diameters, envious, doyens, 4: excudate, 5: cremations, Elamites, banquet, incites, demoness, prisoner, 6: Mid-eastern, 7: recipients, 8: Europeans, 10; modern, 11: eery, poems,

C5 Q35 1: atmospherical, logicalness, grounduuater, unignorable, adenoviruses, sub-burial, 2: Belarusian, boundaries, localise, aphelic, burial, 3: saves, 4:Chaldee(- /n), mascot, require, phial, 5: vassel / slaves, endured, adversion, reception, 6: atoms, variedness, molest, ouuned, 7: classes,

C6 Q48 1: unevangelised, perfectation, metaphorist, actualities, electioneers, evading, active, path, permeate, florescent, 2: designature, potash, co-creates, temperate, 3; tuuice, aphorist, 4: actualise, enslaved, guides, 5: Estienne, 6: guide, 7: Satanist, d'Estrees, intenser, 8: pellet, create,

C1 Q42 1: centuries-process, clarified, loathness, alarmingness, manliness, surliness, 2: scrutinises, fantastic, deifical, duads, affect, oblique, 3: apocenter, underlaid, mangles, 4: curses, belied, got, 5: pestilent, reception, fanatic, ethnarch, 6: exiled, managers, 6: minerals, cruises, 7: enrich / Henric, Germans, mandate, 8: undead, patents,

It is the purpose of this paper to present the Sephirot Chart where the text mentions disease with details related to that theme being found hidden in anagrams within the lettering. The major cipher on which these ten verses are gathered together relies on references in the text to plagues.

The frequency table alongside shows that underpinning the verses where plague is part of the text there are numerous groups of anagrams that relate to disease and its impact on those responsible for funeral arrangements. For instance in this list there are healing, libraries, disease, pre-techniques, environ, viruses,  infector, demulcents, forensical, intumesced, plagues, aseptic, morticians, tularaemic, filariae, progentital, cremations, adenoviruses, burial, florescent, designature and pestilent.

And there are many other terms, such as recipients, help, apparel, acidulant, potash and phial that can be considered supports to the more direct medical concepts. Together with other groups of anagrams they flesh out a story that has time, place, incidents and people.

C9 Q90 Nostradamus King of KingsThe timing where the events in the cluster take place is tied to the time of the Jesus clone through many links but of those in the text the ones most easily discerned are the King of Kings in C9 Q90 where a person is described as leading a revolt causing a great flow of blood and C4 Q45 which mentions a Western leader holding the monarchy of Heaven and Earth.

anagrams in C9 Q90 highlight the medical issues with mentions of viruses, germ danger and lineage panic while at the same setting the scene as one of disorder. It also adds  Jerusalem and Persia to the German and Central European regions named in the text. There is once again an inclusion of anagrams that link this event to the degradation of the environment.

The verses further down the Sephirot bring out the macabre associates of plague. Dath and burial are prominent in the anagrams of verses such as C6 Q24, C7 Q22 and C5 Q35.

C6 Q24 has morticians, cremations, tularaemic and filariae with the last two terms relating to the transmission mechanisms for the plague.

C7 Q22 reinforces the relation of cremation dilemmas the plagues bring to people of the Islamic faith. Anagrams for cremations, Elamites, Mid-eastern, Euoropeans, modern and recipients are important contributors to the detail as are anagrams for society semeiotical  and timescale. Between them they define place and time.

To this mix C5 Q35 brings further details of environmental import. There are anagrams for atmospherical, logicalness, groundwater, unignorable, boundaries, adenoviruses, burial, Belarussian and localise.

Nostradamus Plagues C6Q24 C722 C5 Q35This Sephirot shows Nostradamus had perplexing depth of understanding in respect to our time involving the impact of new diseases on funerary practices.

The tale that unfolds clearly identifies the role of climate and environmental degradation will have on the well being of our race.  And from the verse contents we can deduce he saw that these issues arise because our 21st century environment is uniquely shaped by new technology yet bound by long established human appetites, beliefs and habits.

It deals with a practical matter; what to do with corpses of persons infected by modern viruses especially when cremation is against religious doctrine. It also nominates the war-ridden path our leaders will elect to take to resolve fundamental differences between natures way and that demanded by some religious sects.

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