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Nostradamus on virulent death in 21stC changes the way mankind lives

Allan Webber March 2020.

It is the purpose of this paper to present the Sefirot Chart where the text mentions disease and details related to that theme are found hidden within the lettering. When these verses are put together a greater story emerges; it is seen to deal with the changing impact of disease, treatment and associated social, religious, governance and political issues tied to virulent death. And from the combination of text and anagrams this set can be tied to events at the end of this century when man is in a position to bring ancestors back from the dead in the form of clones.

Nostradamus was well versed in the 16thC aspects of disease and plague. For several centuries somewhat regular recurrences of highly deadly disease shaped the minds and lives of both the rich and the poor. Fear and ignorance dominated the responses of victims and those still uninfected. But out of that pestilent era emerged survivors amongst which were our ancestors. So to Nostradamus disease and its fears were not anything special.

Therefore when Nostradamus included this topic in a great deal of verses most of which by his own claim were to take place 500 years in the future his vision of this topic had to have special features that set it apart from his own time.

Frequency of anagrams in cluster where plague mentioned in text.

Appearing in this cluster are words, terms and phrases such as:

Adenovirus/es (1), plagues(4)_intumesced(3) (1), virus (2/3), disease/s (2/3), acidulant (3) infector (4), cremation/s (2/5), burial/s (2/1), boundaries (2), morticians (1), unignorable (1), logicalness (1), pestilent (1), loathness (4/4), reception (5), manager/s (6/6, scrutinise/s (0/3), funeraries (4),  and alarmingness (1).

These have a clear cohesiveness that is consistent with events starting in 2020.

From his viewpoint any actual and real vision of the future would have seemed to offer signs of hope and progress in dealing with disease. Yet if he had such a capacity he would have seen the flu epidemic that dramatically affected the latter part of the second decade of the twentieth century. He would have noted the plight of women and children entwined with the fatal shadow of childbirth. Against that he would have seen the miracles of medicine and medical understanding based on scientific observation and research.

Yet there is no point in including these in a document that he claimed no one would read correctly for 500 years. Hence we must conclude that if his inclusions have any merit at all he not only saw the future but understood both its content and its impact. It is only from such a base that a comment on medical incidents in the distant future could happen. And it is only if the things he foresaw bring fundamental reshaping to mankind in our time that it would have been worth including in his Prophecies.

The table alongside shows that underpinning the verses where plague is part of the text hold a highly group of anagrams that relate to the disease and its impact on those responsible for funeral arrangements. The timing where the events in the cluster take place is tied to the time of the Jesus clone through many links but of those the ones most easily discerned are the King of Kings  in the text of C9 Q90 who leads a revolt causing a great flow of blood. and C4 Q45s mention in its text of the Western leader holding the monarchy of Heaven and Earth.

This sephirot shows Nostradamus had perplexing depth of understanding in respect to our time involving the impact of new diseases on funerary practices. These are changes that arise because our 22nd century environment is uniquely shaped by new technology and long established human appetites.

 It deals with a practical matter; what to do with corpses of persons infected by modern viruses especially when cremation is against religious doctrine. It also nominates the war-ridden path our leaders will elect to take to resolve fundamental differences between natures path and that demanded by some religious sects.

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