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Nostradamus on war and Pannonia’s King of Kings

© Allan Webber April 2018, Oct 2020 

Frequency of  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C9 Q90 1: gangleader, uuelcomes, alienated, Avicenna, 2: reprimands, source-less, universes, federates, inverses, Minerva, revises, 3: meandering, viscerous, lineaged, captain, faltered, environ, aureoles, viruses, eddy, 4: super -realism, Ierusalems, dreaming, midrange, dateline, draftee, gangs, 5: mulises, La Ferte, agendas, 6: misrule, variedness, days,

C10 Q62 1: lichenaceous, adorably, idolatry / adroitly, rolling, 2: verdancies, verbalises, veiledness, stallion, delusive, 3: counter-raid, Deucalions, unsocial, radiature, Perseides, Hitler, fib, 4: ordinance, unscaled, disrobe, routine, speedier, delves, 5: runacode, evilness, regrip, vessel, 6: Etrurian, debut, 7: Nazi, reprised,

C5 Q13 1: hangable, spearhead, reassuring, 2: incessant, chantress, Hellas, Algenib / Belgian, gently, ingress, 3; Jsus, fund, 4: minable, angriness, Rapha, fewer, 5: header / adhere, 6: chastens, Priapus. braver, bega, 7: VUorld, lurches, alpha, mayor, ascents,

C5 Q80 1: colporrhea, broadening, quintiles, leaching, Burbage, Heraclea, aberrate, enhance, 3: reapproach, looming, charade, searched, libeler, abides, 4: adorning, Barbara, Sashes, 5: sentinel, claque, Euterpe, header / adhere, Iraq, 6: reached, 7:bend'

C5 Q48 1: parametricz, scarlatinas, undespotic, afflicted, unsceptred, fables, 2: deforciant, diction, fanfared, St Clair, cliff, 3: affliction, conduits, discount, 4: federation, recuperates, seduction, sexennium, Thoron, 5: horriblest, Persian men, recaptures, quiffer, uncodes, daffier, fated: 6: scud, 7: North, scalar, riff,

C4 Q01 2: cornerstone, requisite, unplaced, enquiries, spanned, Berlin, 3: coquetries, unclasped, unspaced, crauuled, update, stated, 4: Viennese, crime, 5: selection, adulterers, esoteric, consorter, 6: impure, querist,

C5 Q47 1: athyreosis, transition, deviously, historian, hysterias, praisable, paralyser, auuarded, 2: tardiloquent, guardsman, lesbians, bassinet, chamber, Hebraic, macabre, hearsay 3: landmap, parable, delusory, breach, 5: vineyard, uuetland, undulate.

C9 Q28 1: ill associate, imprecators, localities, oscillates, responsive, moralists, orpiments, Islamist, smelly, 2: protensive, atropisms, pectoral, localise, savants, social, coasts, Islams / missal, 3: temporal, naiveness, unspaced, vainness, cuprous, rematch, 4: impersonate / permeations, spermation, societal, pioneers, turgid, loqi, 5: imposter, coups, 6 reinfest, pensive, 7: Sigur, 8: corpus, canons,

C3 Q58 1: nonpermeation, Quinques, starving, unqueued, hinders, defined, 2: squalider, variants, Venusian, 3: aequorins, saturnian, quinones, nuances, hinder,4: dominates, transport, residual, sidereal, quails, auroras, 5: resonating, unreleased, antigens, Austrian, liquers,6: reasoning, verdant, portents,

C8 Q15 1: nonexpansive, oversmitten, squaloring, saffroned,offends, 2: ventrotomies, restatement, treatment/s, temptress, foretrace, virulent, louring, enforcer, emotive, sharp, 3: misevent, Homams, quavers, seedless, effort, saves, 4: tempests, quails, unveil, vexes, espy, 5: tormentor, universe, creature, verses, ply, 6 veinlet, vnions, offers, hassle,

It is the purpose of this chapter to present the Sephirot Chart of Ciphers covering Pannonia's (central Europe & Balkans) involvement in the religious wars that take place later in this century.

The current Sephirot is notable for its use of an ancient name for regions destined to be most influential in this war (Pannonia, Illyria, Dalmatia etc). That this takes place in the writings of Nostradamus, a sixteenth century French author is at the very least an intriguing enigma since it references a grouping of countries that had no national commonality in his time. Importantly that remains true in this part of the 21st century. Pannonia was the title for a Roman province in Central Europe over 1,500 years ago.

This Sephirot does however provide a cause for unity. The epoch involves a period in which large scale floods drown lower lying lands and they are part of several prominent world blocks that being above the maximum flood line are desired refuges for the displaced. It also describes the block of countries whose people bring the disowned Messianic claimant to power.

Adriatic & pannonia region mapThe term Pannonia and its variants appearing within Nostradamus' text is the basis for my selection of most of the verses. But having made that selection various stories come with it, with no easy statistical explanation for their linkage.

Within verse C10 Q62 there are anagrams for Hitler, evilness and Nazi (2, 4 and 6 other occurrences respectively in the 943 prophecies). In the same verse and others there is also fascist (3 occurrences), Stalin and other threads related to social order and ideology. Yet like the use of ancient names and hints of regional flooding this may all be coincidence. But if so it is quite remarkable that this coincidence also parallels the societal shift within central Europe where draconian leaders of the twentieth century are serving as role models for aspiring 21stC leaders and a citizenry disturbed by modernity's impact on their lives.

C3 Q94
For five hundred years more one keeps count of the one
Who was the ornament of his time:
Then suddenly great light will he give,
He who for this century will render them very satisfied.

Nostradamus major' writings were offered as obscure prophecies but within well defined unusual parameters set out by the author. They referred not to the immediacy of his time but focused on a period five hundred years beyond his life. It also placed central Europe at the heart of his discussions.

After this the barren Dame of great power will be received by the people from the second of two nations. But the first are made obstinate by [she] who has all power over the second and so a third [nation] will extend their forces towards the circuit of the East of Europe where, in the Pannonias (North-eastern Adriatic ) they will be profligate and die. 1558 Epistle HEE10a

C8 Q15
Great exertions towards the North by a man-woman
to vex Europe and almost all the Universe.
The two eclipses will be put into such a rout
that they will reinforce life or death for the Pannonians.

Within the  text and anagrams there are strong indications that the events described take place in the last quarter of this century when flood waters are on the rise creating far greater migrations around the world than have ever been seen before.

In order to account for the changing coastline and geopolitical changes Nostradamus consistently uses ancient names for regions thereby offering a stability that helps in the process of identifying where and when in this century the events occur since according to Nostradamus many known cities and lands will no longer exist.

And the most bizarre oddity to be found in Nostradamus' works is also tied by powerful links into this cluster. The tenor of the verses and the specificity of its visible and hidden content tell an aspect of the story of the creation of a clone of Jesus from ancient DNA.

It brings together the disturbance of minds, the impact of suppression and rebellion to create a national mood within central Europe that will enable the most eloquent and militaristic of the Jesus clone claimants to lead them into a decisive war.

In other of my papers I have presented the argument that it is only an idea as dramatic as that claimed in the foregoing that could justify any person writing about a 500 year distanced future. The fullness of my claim is that the works of Nostradamus are not a ramshackle collection of meaningless drivel aimed at a local audience but a far more orchestrated body designed to achieve what Nostradamus' dreamt or foresaw.

And although the finding of this Christ story may reek of fantasy it has many very understandable references in the texts such as King of Kings in C9 Q90 to support the claim. As bizarre as it might seem today, the 16th century would have had no basis other than faith to believe it would happen. Yet recent advances in cloning make it seem as though the science could get there within this century while history tells us that the mindset to activate such a process has always been there and now only waits upon self-interest to trigger its occurrence.

The Sephirot I present below illustrates each of the points made above. Access to their full verse analyses is available using the following links:

C9 Q90 C10 Q62 C5 Q13 C5 Q80 C5 Q48 C4 Q01 C5 Q47 C9 Q28 C3 Q58 C8 Q15
Chart of Nostradamus' verses on Central Europe involvement in on 21stC religious wars




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