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Nostradamus on War: Nature of 21st century geographic accident

Allan Webber June 2018.

It is the purpose of this paper to present the Sephirot for a vast accident caused by mankind that leads to the changing of the face of this planet.  

The text of this cluster of verses as is the case in each chart carries defining tones. In this case the theme is one of duality relating to rocks, pits and holes.  

And they allude to dramatic deadly events as evidenced by:

C1 Q87 L1. Earthshaking fire from the center of the earth
C5 Q08 L1. There will be unleashed live fire, hidden death
............ L2. Horrible and frightful within the globes,
C2 Q91 L3. Within the circle death and one will hear cries,

As usual there are disturbingly poignant English anagrams of high complexity such as geographic atlas (c7 Q27 L2) & vast accident (C7 Q27 L1)that complement this theme.

But this cluster is equally defined by its classical references and in particular via the use of Arethusa and Hercules. These occur in both the text and anagrams providing a strong network of links through many verses. Arethusa was a nymph in Greek mythology who fled from her home in Arcadia beneath the sea and re-emerging as a fresh water fountain on the island of Ortygia in Syracuse, Sicily. She has a link to Hercules fifth labor in which he diverts two rivers in the same part of Greece in order to do the impossible i.e. clean the Augean stables in a single day.

In the text the references have an unusual tone:

C1 Q87 L4. then Arethusa will redden a new river.
C9 Q93 L4. When Hercules the Macedonian will strike

Given that the Arethusa is in the same verse as that alluding to earthshaking fire from the center of the earth and that fire is prominent in many of the other verses that the river associated with the nymph is a flow of fiery metallic material emanating from a fissure beneath the sea.  The Hercules reference ties in with data in the texts for they too refer to events of a single day and that they are of a draconian cleansing nature can be seen in both text and anagrams.

The timing of this spectacular accident is able to be deduced from the references to water destruction in various towns and by allusions such as that found in C2 Q22 where it states The imprudent army of Europe will depart, Collecting itself near the submerged isle. The body of references fit to a timing in the middle to later part of this century.

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Nostradamus Sefirot for 21stC war accident leading to natural disaster & war








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