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Nostradamus Sephirot (Chart) for the 21st-22ndC war started in West

Allan Webber April 2018, Aug 2020 

War is a major theme in Nostradamus' Prophecies and his accompanying papers. But in the acknowledged jumble of verses continuity and relevance is hard to find. This Sephirot brings together those that relate to a war started in the West.

Frequency of  prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C10 Q87 1: exsanguinates, radioelements, redemptorial, pollinates, paranoia, Psellos, 2: reprimanded, President/s, designers, antipox, remedial, ingress 3: mortalised, agennesis, ivory, 4: epidermal, angriness, Alpille,  sensing, pillar, refines, 5: reassigned, moralist, vineyard, 6: reasoning, genesis, infest, UUest, 7: pilot, pretends, atomiser, 8: mortalise, agennos, spores,

C1 Q64 1: unsolicitude, arteriovenous, beta-particle, buttresses, candlepouuer, licentious,  cupbearer, personnel, my-home, battle 2: recoupled,, abstruse, 3: celloist, 4: seduction, counties, venom, burst, 5: recouple, citable,  6: palaestra, bureau

C9 Q55 1: valetudinarian, discrepant,  palliates, Sephiroth, unveilx, Benelux, queerer 2: splenetical, inundative, patternless, psalterial, accidents, frostiest, beguiler, shelter, bulge, 3: occidentals, transference, 4: cleanliest, clienteles, holster, Juras, fangs, Palestine, 5: horriblest, 6: pestilence, Sephirots, pedants, 6 besets, Saracen,

C5 Q47 1: transition, deviously, historian, hysterias, praisable, paralyser, auuarded, 2: tardiloquent,  guardsman, lesbians, bassinet, chamber, Hebraic, macabre, hearsay 3: landmap, parable, delusory, breach, 5: vineyard, uuetland, undulate

C6 Q81 1: uranium-enrich, transitorye, interplays, torrential, Cynosurae, Immanual, tyrants, edgeless, French, 2: inhumanic, Laurencium, nuclear-ion, numerical, numerals, afferent, gayness, 3: maleness, nameless, async, types, 4: Ierusalems, inhuman, hustler,  6: plainest, uranic, mercy, 7: illnesses, element.

C5 Q62 1: interspersed, Moldavian, providers, reprovals, crushes, Gordon, 2: counteracts, anecdotic, conceited, lecherous, choruses, gorgon, reversal, 3: Occidental, enterprises, pretenders, attunes, allots, harness, 4: latin-codes, presented,, 5: Plouu, accident,

C7 Q27 1: geographic, vaccinated, page-scheme, forereach, improper,  behaue, 2: vedantic, authors, overlie, saved, Gaia, , 3: goatish, inferno, lovelier, hurtle, 4: forestland, Rhoetus, lover, accident, hout, felons, uranolite,

C5 Q34 1: interposable, bipersonal, triquinate, decanting, Peruvians, equation, brittle, 2: equitation, privateness, androgynes, propulse, anecdotic, condoled, 3: Occidental, h loadings, quarries, bitter, fleets, haze, 4: Ravestein, borealis, sadness, 5: accident, fondled, defiles, fields, solid, labor, 6; libels,

C5 Q40 1: uranologist, expositio, quartered, 2: incinerator, elocution, organelles, dialogues, meteorites, equate, 3: perfection, argentous, Poitiers, tiresome, shield,  layers, 4:  meterless, Valoix, pierce, 5: constraint, recreation, container, reception, Gauloist, realists, notate, solid, eerie, 6: royals,

C7 Q30 1: fatuousness, prospering, planilla, tangent, unedged, 2: perfusion, Singapore,  3: narcolepsies, Proserpine, sapience, airplane, refuge, 4: saprogen, unfueled, denude,  5: Austrian, uplands, 5: Allan infers, Arians,

This particular version of war has for 500 years been linked to this century.

In this Sephirot it is reconstructed by choosing verses where its wording and anagrams refer to similar military-style events.

Since this particular war is a crucial outcome of several components some of the key verses are found in companion Sephirots. However when brought together they reveal another layer of meaning.

C9 Q55

The horrible war  being prepared in the West
L'horrible guerre qu'en l'occident s'apreſte

The following year will come the pestilence
L'an enſuiuant viendra la peſtilence

So very horrible that young, old, nor beast,

Si fort horrible que jeune vieulx ne beſte

Blood, fire Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.

Sang feu Mercure Mars Jupiter en France

A cornerstone of the verse selection process is C9 Q55 whose text and anagrams provide clues justifying the inclusion of the remainder of the cluster. Its importance is easily judged by the text but in the third line there is an anagram for Sephiroth which highlights its crucial anchoring role for this cluster. It appears in a line of text saying  the pestilence is so very horrible that neither young old nor beast are spared.

From this lettering the anagrams generate a message along the line best Sephiroth unveils horrible juvenile-queues (beſt eSiforth nevieulx horrible quejeunevieul).

 Implicit in this is a declaration by Nostradamus that this particular war relates to the time when the young are the victims of genetic experimentation.

Evidence of the above plus motivation for it appears in the anagrams of C6 Q81 where the third and fourth lines conceal male illnesses seed Jerusalem gene (Lema nlesiſles esde eGen lesmaieurs) and async pages cry for a French Immanuel (ySan geſpa ncherf rof a imanulme rcy.). Now Immanuel is an alternate name for Jesus Christ the Messiah. To find such a sequence empowers much of the material hidden in this work; the potential outcome from genetics  is Nostradamus' motivation for writing about such a distant future.

C6 Q81

Tears, cries & laments, howls, terror,
Pleurs crys et plaincts hurlement effraieur

Heart inhuman, cruel, black and chilly:
Coeur inhumain cruel noir et tranſy

Lake Geneva, Isles of Genoa, the notables,
Leman les iſles de Gennes les maieurs

Blood pours out, wheat famine & no mercy.
Sang eſpancher frofaim a nul mercy.
But there is another thread that ties it firmly to our time and it too comes from  anagrams in the verses of this cluster. These include West paranoia (C10 Q87 L4 uteſu anoiraP), nation hysterias (C5 Q47 L2 antino isTrahyſe)  and accident which bring great relevance to other anagrams that are even rarer such as radio-elements (C10 Q87 L2 edelamortſien) , beta-particle (C1 Q06 4 L3 /L2  cielbattreap), nuclear-ion (C1 Q06 4 L2 aincruelno), and uranium-enrich (C1 Q06 4 L2 eurinhumainc). 

Yet there is a purpose beyond this allusion to modernity.
Nostradamus' verses in this cluster present their detail via the choice of places named in the text and anagrams.

 And through this specific choice of words in both text and anagrams the theme picks out a particular era. There are rare anagrams for inundative (C9 Q55 L2 iuantviend) and wetland (C5 Q47 L3 udeuantL) amongst others.

This helps identify this period within this Sephirot as that set out by Nostradamus in his preface to the 1555 edition of the first part of his prophecies.

C10 Q87

A Great King comes to take port near Nice,
Grand roy viendra prendre port pres de Niſſe

Presidents reports  genesis dangers

Thus death of the great empire completed
Le grand empire de la mort ſien fera
mortals fear radioelements prime danger

In Antibes will he place his heifer,
Aux Antipolles poſera ſon geniſſe

The plunder by sea all will vanish.
Par mer la Pille tout eſuanoira.
West paranoia April rearm Alpille outlet 
I find that so many deluges and such deep floods shall befall the world before the universal conflagration that there shall not be scarcely any land. And this will be for such a long time that except for enographies and topographies all would be lost. Cesar Preface 1555 (PCE8).

To achieve this end Nostradamus' text mentions towns such as Antibes, Nice, Marseille and Orgon in contexts that are quite unusual. At the same time the west of France has become a series of islands where the river estuaries have contracted towards the highlands.  For instance in C10 Q87 there is  a set of peculiar allusions ; the landing port is near (not at) Nice, a heifer is landed in Antibes and there is a vanishing population action related to the sea.

And each of these allusions plus others such as the Isles of Genoa in C6 Q81 make sense when using the context of the quote from the Preface given above.

In other verses the village of Orgon in Provence is nominated as the place linked to the starting of a war. This  is close to Les Baux in the Alpille Massif. Both Baux and Alpille appear in the anagrams while Orgon is mentioned in the text. Significantly these are places very close to St Remy which was Nostradamus' childhood home but unlike St Remy they are located well above sea level. Nostradamus is therefore using his familiar homelands as indicators of the rise in water levels. Again it is personal and hence a motivation for his interest in this unusual time.

According to other references in Nostradamus' writings at the time of the Polestar turning (2105CE) the deluge of France and the world is well under way. This shrinks every nation's land area by loss of shore line around oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. In verse C9 Q69 which is not part of this cluster Nostradamus refers to the full depth of the ocean rise when he says [at Grenoble] Lobster on the land not a third thereof remains. This gives a measure for the flood that is mentioned in the preface. Since it covers 70 percent of the land and drowns big cities it implies a sea level rise of around 170 metres. Above this are the places that are more likely to survive the flood events. But that peak hasn't been reached at the time this horrendous war starts,

Applying this understanding to the Sephirot of this paper we can deduce we are not in the peak flood era but in the time when the Pole Star turns and flood levels have reached around 100m. Even this  massive value doesn't fit to current scientific thought but Nostradamus' story lines provide consistent indicators that that is what he foresaw.

Access to the individual verses and the original paper where these analyses first appeared can be gained via the links below

C10 Q87 C1 Q64 C9 Q55 C5 Q47 C6 Q81 C5 Q62 C7 Q27 C5 Q34 C5 Q40 C7 Q30
Chart of Nostradamus' verse giving the setting of the most horrible war.  
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