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Secrets to Nostradamus Code Mechanism: the Unbegotten cipher

Allan Webber April 2020.

A perspective on Nostradamus life work as a prophet.

This Sefirot contains the central framework and one of three cornerstones in Nostradamus' Prophecies and by its content gives insight into his motivation for writing his verses.

But it also provides a basis for understanding why he chose to write about a distant future; one that required not only an ability to see it but knowledge from periods that had no counterpart in the 16thC.

Persons in the 16thC certainly had an interest in his central theme for it was commonplace at that time and particularly so in Southern France where Nostradamus dwelt for most of his life. That theme involved the battle between religious orthodoxy and heresy as defined by the Nicene council of 325CE. Historians have recorded these debates as the definitive resolution of the controversies about Christ being un-begotten (i.e. equal to God) or begotten (i.e. born having a mortal father). (For backstory see my paper on Nicea Agennos debate.

The verses in this cluster of ten are united by their inclusion of anagrams (rearranged letters from continuous subsets) representing the terms from that debate. But they involve the Greek spelling used in the original papers from the 4thC. All this was known or knowable to Nostradamus but used in the manner stated it enabled him to implant powerful ciphers identifying the source, nature, period and relevance of this major theme.

It is likely his task began with the intent of defining the relevance of the ancient thought streams to then current events involving the royal blood line in Southern France but in using his skills to interpret the future curiosity would have drawn him onward beyond the needs of those who financed his earliest quests.(For backstory see my papers on Nostradamus Sect and Nostradamus' Gnosticism.)

Yet the twin conundrum of actually seeing the future and seeing it from a time where what happens is alien to the16thC is a fearsome barrier to meekly accepting the claims made by Nostradamus.

It is this barrier that makes the content of this and the other sefirots so intriguing.

This sefirot like the others is coherent in many dimensions in respect to the story line, methodology and terminology from different eras. Its themes are found throughout Nostradamus Prophecies with many repetitive yet independent affirmations of their content and relevance. And so many of the anagrams that produce the concepts of the future in the prophecies are so complex and unlikely products of chance that their fit to Nostradamus own claims cannot easily be ignored.

The revelation of the interrelatedness of the aforementioned components is what the ten verses in this Sefirot enable.

In so doing this presentation of mine offers evidence that Nostradamus Prophecies provided a credible modern tale by following a hypothetical lineage of Jesus. At the end we are challenged not by the credibility of the evidence but by our own beliefs or otherwise that a man from the sixteenth century could have written it. I still struggle with that challenge.

Summary of the content of this Sefirot

The Nicean Council of 325CE set the course of most of Christianity by determining in favor of Jesus being the equal of God and not the product of normal human birth. At the center of this debate was the Greek word Agennos which means conceived without a father. People who insisted Jesus was a mortal and lived a life that was like ours were branded heretics.

And throughout the links you will see terms that are indisputably modern and highly complex. Yet they fit to the ideas presented by the text and they unite with similar or identical ideas in the anagrams. In addition there are similar complex terms and religious links that make the verses take on meaning and a unified purpose.

I believe the evidence I produce shows Nostradamus' Prophecies are about the modern threat re-emerging from the conflict between those holding orthodox views implanted in 325CE and those who, like the Nestorians and Essenes, think it is possible there is an ancestral bloodline dating back to Jesus.

C8 Q99
Through the power of three temporal kings,
Par la pui$$ance des trois rois temporelz
Paul Jesus issuance descent stories temporise spiritsome roles
imposter propels upraisal desecrations
the sacred seat will be put in another place,
En autre lieu $era mis le $aint $iege
Islam measure neutralise aeigenes
nature sanitise Jerusalems Saints gene
where the substance of the body and the spirit
Ou la $ub$tance de l'e$prit corporel
absolutus ascent cleaned priest script poor role
will be restored and received as the true seat.
Sera remys et receu pour vray $iege
Syria vary agrees rearm
St-Remy persecute my secret power

C10 Q65
O vast Rome, thy ruin approaches,
O va$te Romme ta ruyne s'approche
ovates more mature propane overheats
uneasy prop echo super-canopy

Not of thy walls, of thy blood and substance:
Non de tes murs de ton $ang et $u$tance
Nostredamus tremendous encodement
agennos agennetos denouncement status
One harsh in letters makes a horrible notch,
L'aspre par lettres fera $i horrible coche
appears papers letters refers Sefira fears
Pointed steel driven into all up to the hilt.
Fer poinctu mis a tous ju$ques au manche
computerisation mach[i]ne perfection 
pro(actinium) tsunami joust wakes man

This topic Nostradamus knew was dangerous but so important that he felt the need to present it despite the risks to himself, family, associates and friends. It is this that explains both the obscure nature of the verses and the intricate method he included to allow it to be revealed at the time such events would come into play.

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