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Nostradamus verse cluster where Presage acts as a poetic cipher for his prescient beings story.
Allan Webber August 2018, Aug 2020.

This presentation brings together verses that reveal the two-part mechanism Nostradamus employed to implant ideas unknowable to the last five centuries into his Prophecies.  It relates to the emergence of a species beyond mankind that has enhanced capabilities to experience space-time. Like its companion set of verses found at Prescient beings it draws its cluster around wording for presage and prescience.  But the two sets differ; the  hidden content of this second cluster relates more to Nostradamus poetry mechanisms and focuses on the issues that will be encountered as this evolution takes place. Yet in reading both of these it is apparent their themes, their epoch and events are shared.

Frequency of  prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus Prophecies:

C2 Q25 1: replumbed, legatory, Malthus, decreed, 2: poverties, transpired, presagers, gematria, apogees, 3: poetries, degrades, marital, ageless, gather, 4: Hautpulls, root, 5: Norns, prelude 6: managers, 7: forester, presages, regrant, motor, 9: arrested, 10 printers,

C3 Q33 1: predestinable, leaderless, 2: gangster, locative, pallets, 3: transposes, poetries, impasses, teargas, isomers, 5: presagient, aspersions, encapture, 7: personas, learner, 9: patroness, matures

C6 Q01 1: repayments, plummeted, dungeon, values, 2: enharmonic, manouvre, pummeled, unravels, septenary, Marconi / acronim, 3: outsmarted, presaged, stamp, 4: touuards, Medusa, 5: encourages, machine, 6: harmonic, couriers, 7: malused, value,

C4 Q78 1: vandals, plagued, future-men, pre-assigns, 2: generalists, asserting, 3: Seville, espousal, Azotus, meandered, passed 1:, civil, 4: paganisers, vials, 5: guerilla, dreamed, Maltese 7: arresting, plague,

C6 Q92 1: actualised, autarchy, confiscated, educates, paratrophy, facade, 2: adulates, hoary, pouudereed, 3: encripted, artifact, portray, tacit, 5: Gaulite, 6: lecturer, tract, undreamt, rapport, 8: prescient, saluted,

C5 Q17 1: familially, placing, frilially, fluction, 2: tutelage, forelay, 3: percipients, personalty, grounds, selector, 4: Censorius, principal, Roselyne, 5: Cornelius, Tyrolean / ornately, pierces, Roslin, moration, recipients, plague, foray, 8: prescient, 9: relations, inductee, 10: panic, cousin,

C6 Q51 1: semicommercial, commercialism, intercessory, commissar, empirical, interested, liveborn, nastiness, Russias, expect, 2: mosaic/s 3: interprocess, portrays, rascism/s, refills, dissent, uuetter, fairies, assist, uuays, 4: blameless, sentinals, eternised, Israfel, accept, 5: reinspects, miracle, destines, sillier, replica, rifles, 6: Princess, centres, 8: prescient, 10: uprisal,

C10 Q16 1: pertaining, artfulness, reassures, noisier, future, 2: peregrination, tearfulness, nonrefutal, treasonful, ignorant, 3: strongman, Robert, 4: uuarx, 5: resonating ,treasures, refutal, 6: reassure, among, 8 : messy, hive,

C2 Q60 1: coregnant, fatalism, cognate, 2: puny, 3: importuner spaceless, signage, Mafia, fatal, 4: saprogen, orpiment, Roselyne, 5: paganiser, 6: marries, 7 :presages, 8: coparents, sefira,

C10 Q77 1: banners, ordered, query, 2: aduersaries, nebuliserers, threatened, slouuest, adherends, fairness, Turqeys, ,sefiras, 3: spaceless, rosaries, 4: classier, corsair, 5: proudest / postured, resumed, header, death, 6: queys  (keys) 7: classes, presages, assertion

Within this particular set Nostradamus addresses two dimensions of the evolution his story enfolds. The first relates to the practical aspects of his gaining access to events not yet known or experienced and the second to the practical matters attending the transition period when a new species emerges and gains a stable footing in the continuous chain of life forms.

In regard to the second dimension Nostradamus claimed he had inherited his prescient abilities from his ancestors. If there is truth in that then it is only natural that he should include details about the emergence of people he saw as having enhanced abilities of the type he had himself inherited. From his own base he would have felt the capacity of the future beings and empathised with them since his whole ability depended on their presence. To see the future requires an agent present in that time capable of communicating emotions, images and understanding back into ones own mind. Of course it is an unequal transfer but not impossible.

This work of mine implies that Nostradamus' Prophecies and associated papers were meant to provide evidence that these abilities exist. Add to this the concept of inspiration where humans commonly conceive of things beyond their experience and knowledge range and we have recognition that a limited range of prescience  already exists. Nostradamus advances his claims couched in cautious modest phrasing.

How then do these ambiguous opinions exceeding all Mahommedan dreams arise by natural reasons, when God the Creator is timeless; it is by the minister of his messengers of fire. The missive is in their burning flame which comes to offer us external reference. Similarly our eyes then become causes of future prediction, signifying future cases that must occur to him that presages... Nostradamus Preface to Cesar (PCE10).

And he repeats this message later in the Preface thereby showing it is a carefully selected sequence of considered ideas not the occult rant of a charlatan.

Because where human understanding is created intellectually it cannot see hidden things except by the voice coming from limbo via the thin flame, showing in what direction part of the future causes will be inclined... Nostradamus Preface to Cesar (PCE4).

Likewise every creature on this planet can experience the advanced capabilities of mankind without even knowing how we manifest our presence in their localised realm. An ant can be killed or injured by our manufactured chemical spray but those that survive will learn, evolve and increasingly adapt to our presence without having a plan or knowing what we are capable of.

Experience between evolutionary unequals is universal and is an essential part of evolutions success. But no worm learns to see because of contact with us, no dog sits and contemplates the beginning of the universe, no human speaks with dolphins although some people try. The bounds of our evolution restrict that to which we might aspire or obtain access.

So if you were a prescient being living in the 16thC or 21stC you would know inequality and limitations won't prohibit access to experiences outside your knowledge base. But you would also know that ignorance presents an incomplete but real barrier to fully your using your exposure to the new. Hence the guidance and input from the future may be accessed unknowingly as one writes and the hidden choices within ones mind conceals what later generations will see and know as true. Yet what is contained but not fully revealed may be recognised as being outside the scope of that time by any person to whom it is presented and this can lead to danger. People of the 16th century as with those in every other are quite capable of recognizing inspiration but how they react to it will depend upon the perceived benefit versus threat inherent in the revelation.

Again Nostradamus writes of this in a way that makes it clear he understands but will not use it in a way that harms the survival of the message.

Because the exterior light which brings the presage infallibly judges its parts, so truly [is it judged] that the parts seem to use the eye for understanding, which is the purpose of this imaginative lesion. The reason for this is too obvious, since all is predicted by god's outflow, and it is by means of Angelic spirit that the man prophesying is inspired. This means that the prophecies are illuminated in layers starting with the emotions at the front of his fantasies... Nostradamus Preface to Cesar (PCE10).

Amongst those things known about prescience and evolution is that it cannot be a simple add-on skill to mans current repertoire. Evolution is a holistic shifting in patterns.  This has to be the case since evolution involves a chain of repeated patterns that unite a continuous band of time.

One of the unremarked aspects of Nostradamus works is his use of repeated chains of words letters and sound patterns to build continuous sequences. This what these sephirots in my work achieve for each is built by using repetitions supplied by Nostradamus and as these are now presented in this modern work of mine there can be no doubt I am incorporating patterns unknown to me into my own work. This is in addition to those I detect in the original and the ones I miss.

All of us live in a world where the future trespasses on the boundaries of our evolution for that is the nature of the process. Evolution doesn't work on one or two of us, it doesn't stap and start or go to sleep; it acts eternally in all space-time. We already feel the imprint of the future because that is where we trespass; the present takes us no to another instant alone but beyond. And out of this constancy our past has made us aware of thee ned to be ready for and anticipate what that future might bring. We even use pattern and the past to our advantage isince by the use of disciplined repetition such as that in using chant, song, poetry, images and evoked emotion we carry memories into the future. But having provides frameworks that bridge the present and the future we provide a structure for benign influence on that which we are producing. This is the means by which it is possible to explain what seems impossible, Nostradamus incorporation of modernity in his work. In other words he knew he was doing it without knowing exactly what he was inbuilding.

Once more there are words within his writings that bear this out but this time repeated in different documents separated by three years.

By various nocturnal visions it is prophesied and made certain by conjoint astronomical calculations administered in the day. Thereby this is a sanctified prediction of the future with no consideration from elsewhere that is based on free will... Nostradamus Preface to Cesar (PCE10)

          But through some indivisible eternity and by means of Hiraclienne agitation the causes are made known alongside the celestial movement... Nostradamus 1555 Preface to Cesar (PCE4).

          It is quite true, Sire, that my natural instinct has been inherited from my forebears, who did not believe in predicting, and that this is a natural instinct that I have adjusted. Together with my long calculations this [instinct] unifies and empties my soul, mind and heart of all care, solicitude and vexation. By repose and tranquillity of the spirit all is made ready for the presage and this is in part due to the brazen tripod... Nostradamus 1558 Epistle to Henry (HEE3).

The two sephirots built upon the base of presage and prescient cipher clues contain many repetitive elements. It is this that enables their reconstruction into clusters of verses bound to consistent story lines. And in these two clusters about prescience and presage there are invaluably rare anagram references to poetry, poetries and Nostredame. There are many other ties whose value is enhanced by their rarity, complexity and the consistencies unifying word to word, phrase to phrase, concept to concept, event to event, purpose to purpose and story to story. As evolution does so successfully this scheme relies on holistic patterns to grow and take shape from a sea of disorder.

None of this is unexpected since evolution offers a very reasonable path for its presence in earlier times becoming a habitual part of future life- forms.
Evolution always starts from singularities of physio-chemical origin and it goes beyond that only because the patterns persist across a range of time and space. Evolution creates opportunity based on persistence and its patterns only alter when the bounds that hold them are reshaped by a singular chance. Old bounds are distorted rarely destroyed but when one part shifts the rest has no choice it must follow and if it can't the only possibilities are death and restoration of the whole to the original bounds.

By this means awareness grew from nothing to become a real experience in living things and it did so in parallel to memory. Things that had no identifiable presence emerge through evolution and become more complex with each change. So given the great span of time still left in which the universe will continue to exist we know with certainty that processes unknown to man will be accessible to life forms of the future.
Now Nostradamus had to be aware about evolution or else his claim to being prescient couldn't be true. So when he wrote about the emergence of a new species then his story had to reflect facts imposed by the bounds of its evolution.

And much of the above mechanism of dual authorship is quite transparently stated in Nostradamus' first two prophecies.



C1 Q01

Sitting alone at night in secret study.
ESTANT a$sis de nuit $ecret e$tude

Alone I meditate on the brass tripod.
Seul repose $ur la $elle d'aerain

A slight flame comes out of the emptiness
Flambe exigue fortant de $olitude

making prosper that which shouldn't be believed in vain.
Fait pro$perer qui n'e$t a croire vain.

C1 Q02

The wand in the  hand placed in middle of the BRANCHES
La verge en main mi$e au milieu de BRANCHES

With water he sprinkles the limbs and feet
De l'onde il moulle et le limbe et le pied

A voice, fear he trembles in his robes.
Vn peur et voix fremi$$ent par les manches

Divine splendor; the God sits nearby.
Splendeur diuine. Le diuin pres s'a$$ied

In the sephirot below it is apparent that using the basis outlined above Nostradamus  fulfilled the test of modern relevance.

Although in the 16thC an understanding based on evolution was rarely present in most humans Nostradamus seemed to have incorporated factors that apply to all evolution in these verses on the emergence of prescient beings. These include changes in life-span, interactivity with time-space and the mandatory shifts to sexual proclivity and gender roles. This particular set of verses and its companion reflects these issues since they are the most potent drivers of human response.

But this current set of verses includes recognition of the difficulties ahead and the the means by which their resolution will unfold. It includes an anagram for paratrophy a modern term related aberrant genetic creation. It also has a rare anagram for feminacy which relates to feminine nature, qualities or aspects. This particular reference in conjunction with others covering male illness are quite pertinent since when evolution towards omnitemporal and omnipresent beings occurs an inevitable adjustment by evolution will occur; it will take the new species away from the dual sex model on which mammalian live abounds. And this will be the greatest cause of threat when the populace becomes aware that a new species of prescient beings is developing amongst their midst. Nostradamus with self-interest in this evolutionary line was then the perfect base within which to implant the story line of our future.

This intrusion into our records alters nothing; it isn't intended that it do so for the future has no means of altering what must be. And just as Nostradamus or any living person cannot alter our past or future the beings of the future can only reflect within us inspirational narrative. Humans inevitably will reject a future where males are sidelined but no group can prevent its occurrence. Evolution is not an animate thing but its process cannot be thwarted since space-time is what we experience and what the future lays into the past the future seen will inescapably unfold.

This chart has strong connections to my paper on Prescient beings.

The Sefirot I present below illustrates each of the points made above. Access to their full verse analyses is available using the following links:

C2 Q25 C3 Q33 C6 Q01 C4 Q78 C6 Q92 C5 Q17 C6 Q51 C10 Q16 C2 Q60 C10 Q77
Chart of Nostradamus' verses covering Prescient evolution










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