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Nostradamus Prophecies Massive Flood Events at end of 21st century.

Allan Webber October 2017.

It is the purpose of this paper to present the Sefirot Chart which focuses on ciphers related to serious climate and health events at the end of the 21st century. The principal keys are floods, inundation and deluges but it is also based on terms for coastlines, diseases and astronomic settings.

This major flood event is arguably the strongest of the themes Nostradamus claimed his Prophecies contained. This claim is given strong evidence from the external sources related to the Prophecies. The following extracts are taken from the 1555 Cesar Preface which accompanied publication of the first part of his Prophecies:

I find that so many deluges and such deep floods shall befall the world before the universal conflagration that there shall not be scarcely any land. And this will be for such a long time that except for enographies and topograpies all would be lost...1555 Cesar Preface (PCE8)

And by worldwide floods between here and the term I have fore-stated, and before and after it by several times, will [the world] be so diminished, and so few people will there be found that want to take to the fields which will become free for as long as their prior owners have held them...1555 Cesar Preface (PCE9)

And thousands of other events will come to pass, because of floods and continual rains, as I have set forth fully in writing my other Prophecies, which are drawn out in length, in prose, setting the places and times so that men coming after may see them, knowing the events to have occurred infallibly.....Ending of Nostradamus Preface, 1555

Eurupean land topography 2020The detail of depth and extent of the flooding that is implied in the above quotes is strengthened by the content found in both the text of the Prophecies and their anagrams. The latter involve mainly English words. Several are distinctly modern and strongly clustered around terms suited to the accompanying famine and plague events that Nostradamus linked to his deluge theme. And that modernity is once again linked to a specific, very prominent astronomic event which is Polaris, the Pole Star, passing its zenith. This takes place in 2105CE and involves the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor.

The implications of Nostradamus narrative is that the floods beginning later in this century will be greater than that conveyed by the biblical tale of Noah. It is so vast that it approaches the End of Days, Eschaton flood given in the Nordic tales. Nostradamus imparts this in his own verses by mentioning lobsters and seaside trails located in mountains. It is also carried through details of change invoked when floods of great extent and height destroy the places and means of life of modern civilizations. New ports, arable land squabbles, nutritional difficulties and the non-viability of modern transport are all part of this picture.

This Sefirot like each of the others I have already presented is not only internally strong and consistent but every bit of it fits within each of the other charts making a strong network even more powerful. I haven't manipulated Nostradamus' texts or support writings and what I find is not a product of a personal mood for its content has remained intact though several decades of research. Of course the ideas I present have evolved but it has been by internal forces within the findings, not change for the sake of attracting an audience.

It would be remarkable that such a feat of writing could be possible without their being any truth within it. And it would be even more remarkable if all the interlinked technology and description were there solely as the product of chance. It is likely these charts do represent much of Nostradamus motivation and intent and yet it is apparent that despite the dire nature of the threat it isn't a warning but an observation of the inescapable evolution of our universe.

The stories and verses presented in the chart given below can be seen in greater detail by using the links immediately below:

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Nostradamus sefirot chart for massive 21stC flooding 

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