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Nostradamus on the Madonna as focus of modern war for the Islamic, Christian & Jewish faiths

Allan Webber August 2018, Aug 2020.

Frequency of  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C5 Q38 1: nonchalance, oceanauts, crescendo, queasily, paraffin, scrotum, illicit, ruffian, 2: tumours, regardance, unafraid, 3: concedes, succeed, 5: Madonna, carnage 6: rebuilt, 7: courts, 8: canal, parade,

C3 Q44 1: adventurists, deflouuered,
families, astuteness, pre-retired, Mollah (arch.), dispense, 2; pre-assigned, status, uneasiest, flavoured, hall, grieves, 3: pre-arranges, quietsome, Quqite, statues, enterprises, misquote, 4 upsets, 5: modest, presager, fouled, sentries, varied, 6: Senates

C3 Q20 1: pre-conquestal, counterpleas, anemographs, courtbred, exorciser, habiture, obtruder, unrested, Beth, 2: Carolina, breeding, breath, emerged, 3: unescorted, quietsome, coquetries, exposure, Homams, 5:
bride, uueb, passenger, 6: dangerful, renegade, Mahomet , managers, drugs, racial, debut, Germans, espouses, presages, doubter

C5 Q55 1: monomethylated, dicarbonate, poignance, anaerobic, icefall, upstairs, 2: equipartisan, reconquest, relapsing, escaping, notedly, re-expels, Prussia, melody, gently, vexed, 3: quietest, conquest, gutsily, 4: regulates, partisan, 5:
consequent, coinage, 6: sustained, Mahomet,

C9 Q78 1: super-coincident, eternal-stars, conspired, daily, 2: co-president, innumerable, translaters, capable,
Alqueda, proceed, damage, Sunni, mirror, Greq, elseuuhere, memorist / metorism, conspire, herbal, Lady, 4: predicate, Elquida, panique, 6: delay, 7: others, miserable, shorter, ship / hips,

C1 Q99 1: lionesque, 2: Pelagian,
Lebanon, 4: Algerian, netuuorq, compare 5: Galilean, Madonna, seeming, leaping

C9 Q28 1: imprecators, localities / oscillates,
responsive, moralists, orpiments, Islamist, 2: protensive, atropisms, localise, savants, social, coasts, Islams / missal 3: temporal, naiveness, vainness, cuprous, rematch, 4: impersonate, societal, pioneers, turgid, spermation, 5: imposter, coups, 6: reinfest,

C10 Q55 1: Remington, finalism, 2: monetary, magnetron, Jordan, pupils, embryo, 3: disagreed, elseuuhere, supplier, endorsed, 4: reborn , tormentor, hype, 6: propulse, laments, ornaments, 6: grandiose / organised, Montreals, army / Mary, help,

C6 Q14 1: tithable, promptness, repairing, ruinous, patches, diagnose,
Baalat, Tibet, 3: desolating, prisoners, uproariness, entitle, Orrery, bath, 4: delegations, designate, Puritan, prompts, 5: alongside, purpose, 6: title, Dryope, 9: ordeal, design, Pope, arrested

C9 Q43 1: calenderers, reproached, Marseillaise, pastoralism 2: prompted, Islamites, ascended, decease, 3: time-pleasers, Siamese  Epistles, stamp, octet, Marseilles, imposter, unfairer, 7: realisms, abuts.

This paper presents my Sephirot Chart covering the story of a future Madonna who is part of the Islamic community.

Its ciphers arise from words and anagrams related to Madonna, wife, bride and marriage together with Islamic faith words that consistently accompany these verses. This story is also part of the tale set out in the Epistle that accompanied his 1558 publication of all 942 prophecies.

The daughter will be given away in order to conserve the Christian Church [as] her domineering [ways] fall into the paganism sect of the new infidels. Of her two children, one will be faithful and the other unfaithful after confirmation into the Catholic Church.

And the one, who, to his great confusion and later repentance, will want to ruin her, will have three regions where the difference in distance is extreme, namely, Romany, Germany and Spain in which will form diverse sects [set up] by armed force [causing] the 50th to the 52nd parallel to be abandoned.... Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle (HEE9a)

In the set of ten verses that make up this Sephirot the text paints a consistent but strange set of ideas about the relationships of a bride and her husband. She is part of a new cult in her husband's homeland and at the heart of that cult is her role as the mother of an expected leader. Anagrams such as Madonna, Galilean, Jordan and Mary link this aim to the Christ story while another set build upon the  word Mohammedan to present a picture of a modern Islamic faith. The anagrams that give this impression include El Quida, Al Queda, Sunni, Islamist, Islamites, Islams,  and Mollah. But there is also an anagram for Quqites that relates to a Mid-East Gnostic faith of the second century.

There are other anagrams that tie the story in these verses to the passage from the Epistle quoted at the start of this discussion. There are for instance rare anagrams for epistles, families, Lady, bride and embryo. Notably the context they provide is consistent with the story lines established throughout this analysis of Nostradamus' works.

In addition there are rare anagrams for Baalat and Dryope both of which are classical allusions to women involved in unusual birth roles and both occur in verse C6 Q14. Moreover Baalat is a local mother Goddess who also is referred to as the Lady of Lebanon and both the key words in that phrase occur as anagrams in this set of verses. C1 Q99 is the place in this cluster where Lebanon occurs while Lady also occurs in two verse not included in this cluster.  C9 Q78 in this set is where the anagram for Lady is located and adjacent to it is an anagram for El-Quida.

Outside these connections in Nostradamus' work the Islamic faith via the Koran places high regard on the birth mother at the heart of the Christian narratives about Jesus. However the Islamic  view tends to be more of a saintly mortal woman; there is no reference to the ascension of Mary upon her death and hence the Islamite view of the birth and future life of a child born to lead is more closely aligned to that of the Judaic Messia than the Christian Mary tale.

This cluster has strong implications that a sect has great influence over the destiny of a woman they consider to be a modern Madonna. However her past and that of her husband before her marriage takes place causes great concern amongst sect members. In the story deduced from the anagrams they compel the designated mother to undergo purification experiments they have previously tested on animals. The woman will eventually die from injuries to her body but not for many years beyond this birth event and all her children will then be marred as a result.

Other charts in this series on the warrior-priest family at the heart of Nostradamus' work include

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The Sephirot I present below illustrates each of the points made above. Access to their full verse analyses is available using the following links:

C5 Q38 C3 Q44 C3 Q20 C5 Q55 C9 Q78 C1 Q99 C9 Q28 C10 Q55 C6 Q14 C9 Q43


Chart of Nostradamus' verses covering Madonna focus of war of 3 faiths.





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