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Nostradamus on the 22ndC militant religious family wars of the Barren Dame.
Allan Webber August 2018.


Preamble: In the first chart of the Sefirot series I stated:


Nostradamus' work holds many conundrums designed to limit access to the content of his Prophecies. This is true to an extent where most people believe his work is the deliberate shambles of a charlatan. Yet there is direct evidence in his prose writings that show he had a pre-thought plan which guided his work. His Preface to the first batch of Prophecies published in 1552 clearly indicate that he already knew the content that his Prophecies would cover. He wasn't making it up as he went but took already recorded events in what seems a random order and placed them in a new sequence which he called his ten Centuries.


In order to keep control over his writings Nostradamus then needed a scheme that would tell him which topics he had already covered and he did this by relying on a coding device well known in the sixteenth century. It is part of the Cabala but the reasons for its use don't necessarily require that he believed in the mystical principles at the heart of its source. He needed a scheme that a person in a later time would be able to associate with the time of his writing. The Tree of Life also known as the Sefirot, Sephirot or Sephiroth was such a device. It is probable that he drew up charts based on these trees in which he placed ten verses and then used the ciphers traditionally linked to the ten spheres of the tree to guide the content wording and lettering in each verse.

(Note: In the chart below verse content is presented in four formats
     1. Translation into English in black,
     2. Original French text in blue,
     3. English anagram sequences found in text in red
     4. Contribution to context of the chart in cyan.

     5. verse & Epistle/Preface linked ciphers in brown.)


Aim of this presentation


This paper present the first of my Sephirot Charts of Ciphers covering Barren Lady's family's involvement in the religious wars that take place later in this century. It takes its ciphers from common usage in the text that are also found in the relevant parts of the 1558 Epistle. In addition it brings together verses containing anagrams for family lineage and genetic terms such as alleles.


Extracts from the Epistle where these major ciphers appear are included at the top of the chart.


It is only when these ciphers are in place that the terminology in their text can be explained since frequent references to mountain wars become more relevant in a world where land as we know it has been transferred by massive floods. And it is this concept that gives relevance to a repeated theme that is meaningless in the world in which we and Nostradamus live. The kingdom, region or lands of the balance are a good description for distinguishing them from the lands drowned by floods. And by their inclusion it provides a dating around the end of the century and beyond.


Other charts in this series on the warrior-priest family at the heart of Nostradamus' work include Family historical names , Islamic Madonna, three brothers story & two quarrelling brothers. .


This chart has strong connections to the Chart on the Barren lady and the Pannonian Wars


 Access to the full  Sefirot series is available at Sefirot Index.


C6 Q53 C3 Q89 C4 Q38 C2 Q53 C8 Q66 C5 Q09 C10 Q25 C4 Q96 C5 Q61 C10 Q11
Chart of Nostradamus' verses covering Barren Lady's family.










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