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Nostradamus on disastrous 21stC Wars resulting from climate change

Allan Webber October 2017, July 2020.

Frequency of this Sefirots (spheres 1-5) most prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus Prophecies:

underlined indicates adjacent anagrams.; # means all line used)   & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus Prophecies:

underlined indicates adjacent anagrams.; # means all line used)

retrocessions (1) ,  codirectors(1), intercessors (1), Malthusian (1), revolution (1), gnomists (1),  discover, Athenian (1),  coact (1), doctrines (2), creditors / directors (2), records(3) quittance (3), pouver (3), finance (5), rottenness (5), lecturer (6), postures (4)

financed(1), authentic (1), defiance (3) ,  increased(3), seed-line (4),reassigned (5), Tehran (5), climate (5), miracle (5),

polemicist (1), metapolitics (1), obtainably (1), fragmentise (1), semiotical (1),  quinaries (1), epistolic (1), steepness (1), effusing (2), sections (2),  fusions (2), elicits (2), opposite (3), facets (2),  arousing 3),  androgenesis (4), adorning (4),  poetics (4), ably (4), confutes, (4) regimens (4), ambit (4), claim( 4),  Emirate (7), airlines (5) confuse ( 5), climate (5) ,agendas (5)

Magdalen (1), themes (1), envisioned (1), atmosphere (1), allegorins (2), metaphors (2),  enumerates (2) , arousement (2), potash (2), coerces (2), Norseman (4), trodden (4), temblor (4), path (4), Legator(5), managers (5), agendas (6, refute (6), atoms (6), feature (8), aligned (8) ,Deuteron (12), alarmed (9) ,  Abdera (8), tribes (11)

Pentecostalism (1), compensates (1),  tradespeople (1), prefatorial (1), nondurable (1), belatedness, patrollers (1), non-departure (2),  depletes (2), laboured (3),  re-encounter (3), operates (3), gang-lander (4), forepart (4),  climate (5), badness  (5), un-grasped (5), Bandar (7), Califate (6) ,help (7)

In this chapter I present the chart of verses that focuses on matters related to climate change. The principal keys are climate and atmosphere but it is also based on terms for Malthusian, financiers and prisoners together with clusters that indicate the roles of Islamic reactionary forces in Iran and events surrounding the decommissioned nuclear facility at Chernobyl.
The validity of these terms is aided by the unique clusters of highly relevant references surround ing them as shown by that for Malthusian where there are anagrams for lectures, finance, debtors, creditors and quittance. In the late 18th century Robert Thomas Malthus a lecturer in economics and demographics dwelt in considerable detail on the relationships between debtors and creditors. His relevance can be glimpsed through the entry on Malthus in Wikipedia:

Malthus became widely known for his theories about change in population. His An Essay on the Principle of Population [1798CE] observed that sooner or later population will be checked by famine and disease, leading to what is known as a Malthusian catastrophe. He wrote in opposition to the popular view in 18th-century Europe that saw society as improving and in principle as perfectible. He thought that the dangers of population growth precluded progress towards a utopian society: "The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man". Wikipedia extract

His prime concern with the impact of population growth stemmed from his seeing the growth of the poor as draining the resources of the rich and yet the impoverished gaining no personal benefit from that cycle. He saw the end result being chaos and revolution. Although Malthus' arguments have often been met by industrial and scientific advances modern views increasingly acknowledge that in the long term his views reflect our own dilemma. It is the root of climate change driven by humans; it is the catalyst for revolution.

And that is the picture arising out of the ten verses in this sephirot. The mechanisms I have used to examine Nostradamus' Prophecies lead to these conclusions whichever of many entry points is chosen and no matter which of the entwined story threads is then followed. My mechanisms are not fluid instruments to be changed at will or able to be biased by careful selection; the results are there and any and every person can judge the uniqueness of their existence.

Sephirot for 21stC Malthusian factors spheres 1 2 3Yet the words from which the original frame is built comes from Nostradamus' sixteenth century text while the words of the anagrams are not bounded by that period and are mainly in modern English. Using these disparate sources should see any interlinks and relevance diminish but that is not the case. In actuality the story of the French text takes on meaning that until this process is applied remains smoke upon an obscure hint of a Nostradamus' vision.

The theme that emerges is about modernity as an ongoing disruptor of institutions built around older value systems. This is the division between progressives and traditionalists, it is the struggle between aspiration and conservation and it is the restructuring of the way power is distributed throughout the world. It disturbs the entrenched, offering opportunity to  be grasped by those with the strongest collective will. Disruption in society is often unpleasant raising individual stress and resistance to those bringing about the change. Each of these agencies are seen in this sephirot with the generic groupings replaced by names and topics known to our era.


C5 Q37
Three hundred will be in accord with one will
Trois cents $eront d'vn vouloir et accord
coact directors  doctrines rottenness creditors revolution

To come to the execution of their blow,
Que pour venir au bout de leur attaincte
quittance power 

Twenty months after all memory
Vingts mois apres tous et records
gnomists postures discover seaports secret_routes 

Their king betrayed simulating feigned hate.

Leur Roy trahi $imulant haine faincte
Malthusian  finance_lecturer
In the picture extracted from the top of this  sephirot (shown above) it can be seen there is a strong corporate finance theme in the anagrams and that these components are given purpose through their ties to the anagrams for Malthusian finance lecturer in the last line. Through this means it becomes possible to tie the verses text into the politics of population growth and hence to the themes of climate and finite earth resources. It is these themes that then unify the structure via the shared concepts held within the whole cluster.

The first verse in the cluster C5 Q37 is shown alongside with most of its framework anagrams shown. In this display it is possible to easily see their original arrangement in the French text.

The rarity of each of these within the prophecies is shown in the first table of this page where frequency  for the first five verses is displayed along with indications of other structural importance such as adjacency and line completion.

Using these guides as quick reference points allows  each topics detail to be judged for worthiness in the scheme.
  C5 Q98
At the forty-eighth climacteric degree,
A quarante huict degre climaterique
quake wake Tehran unearth cited miracle claim
requite authentic climate greed

At the end of Cancer very great dryness
A fin de Cancer $i grande $eichere$$e
financed defiance increased dangers

Fish in sea, river, lake boiled hectic,
Poi$$on en mer fleuue lac cuit hectique
Norsemen poisons fuel value equip quiet ethic

Bearn, Bigorre distress through fire from the sky
Bearn Bigorre par feu ciel en de$tre$$e
re-probing Big Bear fear cue seed-line decline
The text of verse C5 Q98 identifies it as one that details climate change effects. Its anagrams give the background context to the emerging story line. It hints at the contrasting paths of East and West to the challenges our planet faces due to our modern presence upon it.

In the Middle-East visual disturbances such as increased severe earthquakes are seen as the signs in ancient forecasts preceding major religious upheaval. Every event is turned to fit the required story line despite its contradicting all reason.

In the West it is seen as the spur to act; to finance projects; to face the dangers head on without having to yield on the growth drivers underpinning Western economies.

Their efforts have the same eternal unyielding faith as  their adversaries; both perpetuate and accentuate the perils that environmental change and modern warfare poses to our planet.

C1 Q55
In a land with a climate opposite to Babylon
Soubs l'opposite climat Babylonique
polemicist use poetics semiotical subloop
obtainably elicits climate meta-politics

there will be great shedding of blood.
Grande $era de $ang effusion
Sea effusing androgenesis organ arousing dangers

Heaven seems unjust on land sea & sky
Que terre et mer air ciel $era inique 
Emirate airlines realise quinaries carry Quueiq relics 

Sects, famine, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.
Sectes, faim, regnes, pe$tes, confu$ion.
Sufi sect fragmentise genes confuse fates steps

The text of verse C1 Q55 brings out all these elements of contrast and denial of responsibility arising out of the first two verses.

Its anagrams introduce day to day events that help in dating of this sephirot's verses as stories of our current world.

Politics become immersed in issues meant to prevent facing the problems facing the planet and its nations.

Biological technology suffers the degradation inherent in the profit mode.

Modern transport reflects the adaptation of values that have been forced on ancient institutions in order to have relevance and national survival.

And then there are those who in rejecting the overt modernity of the world  take from it parts that they see as capable of giving them back control of their people and tribes.

C5 Q27
Through fire and arms not far from the Black Sea,
ar feu et armes non loing de la marnegro
arousement leading pro-German feature
enumerates oil fear  alarmed Norseman 

Will come from Persia to occupy Trebizond:
Viendra de Per$e occuper Trebi$onde
dread peer coerces pure Tribes envisioned

'Phatos', 'Methelin' to tremble, the Sun 'alegro',
Trembler Phatos Methelin Sol alegro
atoms in the atmosphere lines
Al Gore temblor [quake] metaphors also large theme

A wave of Arab blood covers the 'Adriatic'.
De $ang Arabe d'Adrie couuert onde
Arab co-wrote deuteron agendas ended dread raid

The inevitable happening of war is heralded by the text of C5 Q27 while the anagrams present the pictures of its modern cause.

The north-western Europe Germanic countries react to growing fears of oil shortage.

Tribes unite through coercion after a powerful speaker presents their future doom if they fail to act.

Atomic fallout, earthshaking tremors are now the reality for many.

And the Arabic nations are motivated and united by a war plan that  brings about the end of many Western nuclear research  facilities.

The path is set, the emotions gelled, the hatred self justified and the battles then reflect the universal sense of inevitable doom.

C4 Q13
News of the greater loss reported,
De plus grand perte nouuelles raportees
tradespeople non-departure depletes pulse granule   one well operates deepest

The report will astonish the army:
Le raport fait le camp s'e$tonnera
califate compensates prefatorial Pentecostalism
learn maps forepart emplaces climate

Troops united
against the revolted:
Bandes vnies encontre reuoltees
bands envies revolt once re-encounter  belatedness

The double phalanx will abandon the great one.
Double phalange grand abandonnera.  
near Bandar laboured help abandon alpha ganglander

But C4 Q13 illustrates how it isn't just the leaders compelling the populace to die in battle it is the will of many of the impoverished laborers and supplier. Outside the miserly existence offered by their army they are exposed to the increasing numbers of gangs who take their food, demand their unpaid labor only to be abandoned when no longer useful.

Their only alternatives to these first three survival options are revolution against all forms of deprivation, dependence on charitable societies or to join the predators, bandits and gangs . Hope is not eternal but a flicker within the inferno of the new world order of the late 21stC.

With these outlines in place the picture of this future world event is able to be traced in the rest of the sephirot where extra details of all the above stated things are given.

The links are strong within the lines of text and anagrams of paired verses  and concepts intercross to build a robust picture. It is these internal holistic relationships that are the mandated requirement for my accepting that any sephirot is worthy of inclusion in this work of mine.

The stories and verses presented in the chart and the foregoing presentation can often be seen in greater detail in my papers posted on my website

Access to the full series and each of their verse analyses is available at Sefirot Index.

Access to the individual verses and the original paper where these analyses first appeared can be gained via the links below

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