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Nostradamus on the  British royal family role in the late 21stC

Allan Webber August 2020.

This paper presents the Sephirot Charts of Ciphers covering the offspring from the Barren Lady found in Nostradamus 1558 Epistle that gains the British throne. The passages in the Epistle from which the ciphers for this cluster are drawn tell the history of that family and its wars. The quotes for this particular collection come from the following entries in the Epistle.

The first nominates the structure of the Ladys family.

For God will take notice of the long barrenness of the great dame, who thereupon will conceive two principal children. But she will be undermined because of the temerity of the age. It is in the 18th that she is undermined by death. She will not pass her thirty-sixth and she will leave three males, and one female, and of these two will not have had the same father... Nostradamus Henry Epistle [HEE8]

Frequency of  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus Prophecies:

C6 Q53 1: betraying, fractured, arsenolite, presagient, repeating, ossuary, caprice, cursors, hoards, 2: readapting, rectangled, peccaries, repaginate, Sunnites, icecap, 3: cabinets, requital /quartile , suspect 4: berating, firecult, boy, 5: elations, Aegipan, Sunnite, shroud,  pierces, 6: fertile, filter, 7 grandson, engender, aerolites, receipts,

C4 Q38 1: naturalgas, marathons, aerobacter, manifesto,  Masaroth, auuards, 2: argumental, trachomas, guaranteal, ceyuuord, re-obscure,, 3: garmenture, draws, 6: famines, manager, atoms, infest, 7: Nazi, usury, 8: assault,

C3 Q89 1: decorousness, uuaterlogs, extrusive, 2: placements, presence, steeply, emerged, 3: pretences, style, 4: excursed, meterless, samples, 5: outrages, cursed,  6: eagerest, Rafaels, psalm, 7: Cey,

C8 Q66 1: encryptive, Paulite, uueaqen, 2: encripted, ducts, 3: Aquitane, recruits, tumoured, poetry, unequalled, aquatile, 5: utricles

C2 Q53 1: narcisms, decimate, frenetic, acidimeter, panderage,  2: ventronomes, immaterial, reprimands, ostentative, crimes, essence, continue, disarm, 3: neotenic, madness, 5: timelier, matrice, unseats, pagan/s, 6: Maenads, deceits, infect, 7: Soviet, interface, 8: Rosemont / Montrose, 9 damned / demand, 10: Grandpa, Jude

C4 Q96 1: meromyosin, unceasable, 2: balanced, Sasanian, annoyment, 3: aureoles, succeed, urania, 4: liberalist, ascendable, inebriant, seedline, 5: arsenious, enabled, 7: Asians, libels, Arians,  9: Nauarre, inquirant,

C10 Q25 1: microsomal, simulator, turmoils, amassed, Oberon, farago, 2: Hectors, carthorse, insertable,  umbrates, debris, gloat, 3: macroseism, outraged, baseline, threads, barren, 4: reborn, issues, 5: Messias, agendas, bride, adage, 6: charters, 7: brains, genez,

C5 Q09 1: supersacerdotal, participance,  Polar-stars, forenamed, family, framed, 2: naturalised, foreman, propels, 3: Elusian, uuheel,  Jeuus, famed, Mayan,4: sapropel, insulate, cheaper, module,

C5 Q61 1: squeamous, anastasis, intensest, foments, jeuux, 2: thesaural, cleanness, Sasanian, amounts, 3: sediments, stannate, tensions, Cabalan, fonts, 4:  nominates, temblor, Bertram, demotes, soften, Jexu, 5: mentions, trouble, destines, balance, modest, healers, must, 6: Asians, tenants, 7: excludes, courts, Leaguers, canal, axled,

C10 Q11 1: uneradicated, candidature, baragnosis, comparing, upholster, sharpness, camping, 2: decadent, expunger, mouths, Zion, caudate, Gaia, expurge, 3: unregarded, Agrippan, appearing, pandered, South, 4: horses / shores, abase, solemnest, phrases / Seraphs, 6: underaged, Cheiron, thus, raping, 7: enacted, sagas, passage,

The second passage gives rationale for Nostradamus telling of this story; one of the Once Barren Lady's offspring will fundamentally renew the Christian faith.

Then there will come out of the stem which had remained barren for so long, proceeding from the 50th parallel, one who will renew the whole Christian Church...
.1558 Henry Epistle (HEE13a).

The next series identifies the roles of each of her children with the quote in bold being that of the person who is the focus in this sephirot. He is the grandson born of the Barren Lady's daughter. The series starts with descriptions of the Barren Ladys sons and her daughter and then expands on the role of the daughters two children who play are responsible for the most serious events in which this family are the principal proponents.

The youngest of them will sustain and augment the Christian monarchy, elevate sects and suddenly cast them down, Arabs retreat, kingdoms unite and new laws are promulgated...1558 Henry Epistle (HEE8a).

The second [child] is more reverent and advances if accompanied by the Latins. This will become the second way a furious and trembling path to Mount Louis descending [then] to mount the Pyrenees , which will not, however, be translated to the ancient monarchy...1558 Henry Epistle (HEE8a).

The daughter will be given away in order to conserve the Christian Church [as] her domineering [ways] fall into the paganism sect of the new infidels. Of her two children, one will be faithful and the other unfaithful after confirmation into the Catholic Church. .the oldest one will occupy the furious crowned Lions placing their legs over fearless arms...1558 Henry Epistle (HEE8a).

And the one, who, to his great confusion and later repentance, will want to ruin her, will have three regions where the difference in distance is extreme, namely, Romany, Germany and Spain in which will form diverse sects [set up] by armed force [causing] the 50th to the 52nd parallel to be abandoned. ..1558 Henry Epistle (HEE9a)

 The British Coat of arms - furious crowned Liond placing legs over fearless armsdescription of the furious crowned Lions placing their legs over fearless arms is a very apt description of the British Coat of Arms.

Hence the ciphers for this sephirot are selected by their having a British sovereignty focus and elements related to the the Barren Lady and the activities of her daughter's oldest child such as words based around paganism and religious divides.

An image of af a coat of arms fitting Nostradamus description  was used by the Earl of Rochester and another is still used by the City of Manchester but Nostradmus allusion may refer to a new realm.

And the Epistle quotes given above also supplies details about the daughter's family. It says she will be traded into a Northern kingdom as bride to a king but she converts ta form of heresy that the orthodox churches regard as a return to paganism.

It is this schism in the family that provides the dynamics for the war that pits the family members against each other so sephirots such as the one given below are important if understanding of motivation and flawed reasoning are to be garnered from Nostradamus' work.

C2 Q53

The great plague of the maritime city
Will not cease until there be avenged the death
Of just blood condemned for price without crime
Of the great lady
outraged by pretense.

La grande peſte de cite maritime
Ne ceſſera que mort ne ſoit vengee
Du juſte ſang par pris damne ſans crime
De la grand dame par feincte n'outraigee
However this is a story involving the descendants of the barren lady and so two of the verses in the current cluster are also used in the sephirot whose principal focus is on her (See Barren Lady Family). If that sephirot compared to the current one it is quite notable that the other eight verses tell the same story but with different emphases. The verses shown alongside illustrate part of that connectivity.

C2 Q53 has direct reference to the matriarch of the line, the Great Lady and its text fits well to the story of the attempt to eliminate the family's line.

C5 Q61 refers to a completely different aspect that is also apparent in the companion sephirot. The child of the great one not by his birth tells us that his father is not the first with whom his mother conceived this individual. This fits to the oldest son of the Once Barren Lady whose first child results from a rapine encounter with one of her captors.

In addition the terrain in this verse is the same as that in the other sephirot. This is high mountain country involving the Pyrenees. It is a setting that implies the high country is all that there is left to conquer. In other words it occurs at the time of the vast floods predicted by Nostradamus which also is implied in the Barren Lady sephirot.

C5 Q61

The child of the great one not by his birth,
He will subjugate the high Apennine mountains
He will cause all those of the balance to tremble
And from the Pyrenees to Mont Cenis.

L'enfant dugrand n'eſtant a ſa naiſſance
Subiuguera les hauts monts Appenis
Fera trembler tous ceux de la balance
Et des monts feux juſques a mont ſenis
Other verses show similar traces of overlap which is only to be expected when telling the tale of a single family and the events that united them even if that unity was in the hatred each member had for the others ideology, military skills and faith.

Other charts in this series on the warrior-priest family at the heart of Nostradamus' work include Family historical names , Islamic Madonna, three brothers story & two quarrelling brothers. .

This chart has strong connections to the Chart on the Barren lady and the Pannonian Wars

The Sefirot I present below illustrates each of the points made above. Access to their full verse analyses is available using the following links:
C6 Q53 C3 Q89 C4 Q38 C2 Q53 C8 Q66 C4 Q96 C5 Q09 C10 Q25 C5 Q61 C10 Q11

Chart of Nostradamus' verses covering Barren Lady's family.










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