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Nostradamus on Gold: Gold & Silver as part of honors relevant to 21stC events.
Allan Webber July 2018.

Preamble: In the first chart of the Sefirot series I stated:

Nostradamus' work holds many conundrums designed to limit access to the content of his Prophecies. This is true to an extent where most people believe his work is the deliberate shambles of a charlatan. Yet there is direct evidence in his prose writings that show he had a pre-thought plan which guided his work. His Preface to the first batch of Prophecies published in 1552 clearly indicate that he already knew the content that his Prophecies would cover. He wasn't making it up as he went but took already recorded events in what seems a random order and placed them in a new sequence which he called his ten Centuries.

In order to keep control over his writings Nostradamus then needed a scheme that would tell him which topics he had already covered and he did this by relying on a coding device well known in the sixteenth century. It is part of the Cabala but the reasons for its use don't necessarily require that he believed in the mystical principles at the heart of its source. He needed a scheme that a person in a later time would be able to associate with the time of his writing. The Tree of Life also known as the Sefirot, Sephirot or Sephiroth was such a device. It is probable that he drew up charts based on these trees in which he placed ten verses and then used the ciphers traditionally linked to the ten spheres of the tree to guide the content wording and lettering in each verse.

(Note: In the chart below verse content is presented in four formats
     1. Translation into English in black,
     2. Original French text in blue,
     3. English anagram sequences found in text in red
     4. Contribution to context of the chart in cyan.
 verse & Epistle/Preface linked ciphers in brown.)          

Aim of this presentation

In this web page I present the second of my Sephirot Chart of Ciphers for the series on gold related events relevant to the 21st century and beyond. This particular chart is about the way the use of Gold enables the person with claims to being the supreme clone of Jesus is able to achieve his leadership goals .

Tales of gold, security, wealth and fraud seem at first to be a little too commonplace for Nostradamus to have used them in his Prophecies but despite their irrelevance to the greater story they are matters which always gain the attention of pursuers of wealth. It is this that makes them essential to Nostradamus since by their inclusion he ensured the survival of his work.

If I had drawn up events as they will happen the people of that realm, sect, religion and faith, would find it so bad that they would listen to fantasies and come to damn that which future centuries will know through seeing and perceiving ..

..Which has caused me to stop speaking to the popular [media] and putting pen to paper. But now I want to reach out and declare happenings of common interest through incomprehensible and perplexing sentences about future causes.  Nostradamus' Cesar Preface 1555 (PCE2

.. Events that in due time will fall upon the principal worshippers, firstly upon the temples of God; secondly, upon those who, sustained by the earth, approach such a decadence. Also a thousand other calamitous events which will be known to happen in due time. Nostradamus' Henry Epistle 1558 (HEE7)

But these populist verses on gold related events offered opportunities for Nostradamus to build in things that are essential to understanding the main threads. They provide an important insight into motivations at a particular point in time. And in their hidden ciphers there is space to convey how his code system works. So knowing the legacy of frauds, bubbles and crashes that sprinkle the ages we have one certainty; Nostradamus placement of gold verses in his Prophecies is a purposeful act. We can expect well defined themes that define time, identity  and place. And the nature of the ciphers can be expected to offer similar detail for his coding methods.

Within this series on precious metals there is a common unity; they involve the family that sees its destiny as the restoration of Jesus Christ through the cloning of their DNA together with that recovered from historical relics.

This chart presented below together with others in this same series fulfills all the criteria set out above. In this Sefirot we have a story that not only shows how the paths to wealth have changed since the sixteenth century but how personal wealth enables the Jesus clone to gain acceptance amongst a populace. And in the anagrams of the lower verse there is also a set of patterns about the coding mechanisms leading to Nostradamus' deeper code. 

This chart has strong connections to the Chart on Fraudulent Gold events in the 21stC.

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