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Nostradamus on 21stC impact of an asteroid on Earth

Allan Webber January 2018.

21st asteroid event in Nostradamus PropheciesIt is the purpose of this paper to present the Sefirot that gives the basis for identifying the verses in which Nostradamus tells the tale of how objects from the sky fall on Earth after having their course altered by close contact with other planets. These events change the destiny of genetic forms found on this planet. At the same time the hazards accelerate the friction between religious groups when a sect sets out to utilize new gene technology to further their long held beliefs over the death of Christ and his supposed return.

The ciphers center on a group of interchangeable words that cover not only the story of the stellar object but the planetary setting that occurs at the same time. The depth of the story is further enhanced by some of these terms being applicable to religious icons. The meteorite carries the name of Apep / Apophis which in Egyptian tradition relates to an evil figure equivalent to the Semitic Satan. This in turn is relatable to the terms devil and Lucifer. And these names then bring in the planet Venus which takes the name of  Lucifer as one of its many classical appellations. Eosophorus (Venus the Morning star) then becomes relevant as a further cipher used in the cluster of verses on these topics.

More details on the above stories can be accessed through my paper called Apophis.

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