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Nostradamus verses about events in Geneva around 2065CE

Allan Webber November 2017.

It is the purpose of this paper to present the Sefirot that focuses on the events Nostradamus saw for the city of Geneva and its surrounds.

The keys for this chart involve names for Geneva and other Swiss cities. The name of the of the prominent Lake Leman is used by Nostradamus in his text so that is also utilized in the anagram analyses. The unifying threads for the other keys mainly arise from ideas given in the text of the verses but once the verses are identified by this means then it is extended via the recurrence of modern terms within the anagrams.

By this means a quite unique story arises which fits well to the historical and current activities in this region.

There is an astronomic reference given Saturn from gold to iron will be changed that fits to the astronomic mechanisms that Nostradamus claimed he used to conceal dates within his verses. I believe this particular use is Ns way of setting a particular ten year period.

The metals gold and iron are associated with the zodiac signs of Leo and Scorpio respectively. Saturn occupies each sign for about thirty months. These two regions of the sky are separated by two other signs.  So to change from Leo to Scorpio takes about ten years. There are four periods in the years from 2000CE to 2100CE commencing in 2006CE, 2036CE, 2065CE and 2095CE but only in  2065CE. does the sky show signs.

Each of the four periods is preceded by a date some five years earlier when Saturn and Polaris, are in alignment but it is only on the 8th April 2060 that there are significant signs showing at the same point in the sky.  

In addition Saturn is at its stationary point of a regression so it is turing. On the 3rd of May 2060CE Saturn will align exactly with the Polestar and the two other planets will still be near enough to be considered to be in conjunction.


In this chart I have used three verses that also appear in the Sefirot on nuclear events in the 21st century. This is reasonable since the topic of nuclear activity is an essential part of the Genevan tale. However the current Sefirot takes the three shared verses into a completely different set of events through the content of the other seven.

The nuclear Sefirot concentrates on radio nuclear materials while that for Geneva focuses on particle collisions and the threat that meteorites bring to these and Nuclear plants located in a band across France, Switzerland and Italy. In both cases the threat to mankind arises out of a period of unusual bombardment of the earth by objects from the sky at the same time as flood waters rise to unprecedented levels. According to Nostradamus this inundation lasts several centuries which means that the events in our century are the forerunner to logical ongoing threats that arise out of geophysical, social and psychological circumstance.

The text of Verse C9 Q44 begins with Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you which many assume is a warning made by Nostradamus. However there is little evidence that Nostradamus that thought his work could serve that end. Its wording is however consistent with the concept of a state of alarm existing at the time. The links to other verses support the idea that this wording is that which will be issued by European governments to residents of Geneva as the danger becomes apparent

In the sefirot shown below there are powerful links that imply how to to use the date code and which elements to include. The visible text of verse C9 Q44 which says Saturn from gold to iron will be changed is central to this process as are C6 Q81 with its anagram for Cynosurae (aka Polaris) and C1 Q10 with its anagram for Ursa Minoris (Polaris constellation). The importance of these pointers is shown alongside in an extract taken from my far more detailed discussions in my 2010 paper titled Geneva2065.

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Access to the individual verses and the original paper where these analyses first appeared can be gained via the links below

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Nostradamus sefirot of verses for future events in Geneva.







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