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Nostradamus Sefirot for Persian and Nordic solar lunar planet movements

Allan Webber October 2017.

It is the purpose of this paper to present the seventh Sefirot Chart which brings together verses where the word Calendar(s) act as the identifying ciphers. When this is done the content of the French text and the English anagrams develops a calendar picture that is consistent with that used by the Persians, Etruscans, Elamites and the Nordic countries.

The scheme produced fits to that revealed in Nostradamus' Preface to Caesar (1555) and with clues given in the visible and hidden content of his Prophecies.

For now that the planet Mars is perfectly completing its cycle, and is at the end of its most recent period, so it shall take it up again - but with some grouped in Aquarius for several years, and others grouped in Cancer for longer and more continuous periods. And - given that we are now conducted by the moon thanks to the omnipotence of God eternal, before it has perfected its full circuit, the sun shall come and then Saturn.

For according to the signs in the sky the reign of Saturn shall return, as everyone calculated; the world is approaching, an anaragonic revolution.... Nostradamus 1555 Caesar Preface(PCE9)

There is an astronomic event focus in Nostradamus' writings not a religious or civic one. In Essence it is a solar-lunar calendar system linked  to planetary movements.

Of quite considerable significance in the Sefirot presented below is the appearance of a singular anagram for Eudoxus (C7 Q42 L4), a 4thC BCE Greek astronomer & mathematician. His work is thought to be the precursor for writings that used spherical geometry to describe astronomic motion. And why I write it so highly is that the verses to which it is linked linked by the cipher for calendars contain most of the references to spheres in their anagrams. And further there is one (in C10 Q81 L1) having anagrams for my system restores sphere displacement where the last two words form an adjacent sequence. Also the names for the oldest books where Eudoxus ideas are found also appear in anagrams of closely linked verses. All the significant words mentioned above are complex and very rare which further enhances their value.

In the writings of Nostradamus the central guide for astronomy in our time is is the movement of the Pole Star and those star signs that circle  it. Such a scheme with its mention of Dragons and Serpents has obvious connection to that used by Northern people. The Etruscan and Persian solutions utilise perfect cycle systems using the moon and sun. These aspects become more potent in the Prophecies where Nostradamus extends the concepts to the longer scale near perfect re-alignments of planets.

There are many terms such as Yule, vernal, summer, Etruscan, system that are in these verses containing the cipher for calendars and although they are are of low frequency in the prophecy they are clustered in a way that is at ease with the known facts about the ancient astronomy of the named regions.

I believe the evidence I produce reaffirms Nostradamus' Prophecies dating system is based on the time-locked positioning of planets and star and the brief but fiery appearances of other objects such as meteors and comets. See my papers on Astronomy and Mutations for more detail.

The Sefirot I present below illustrates each of the points made above.

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Nostradamus Sefirot Code mechanism based on calendar cipher 





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