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Nostradamus on events disastrous & causative in the Adriatic at the time of vast earthquakes

Allan Webber June 2018, Aug 2020.

This paper presents my Sephirot Chart of Ciphers covering Pannonia's (central Europe & Balkans) involvement in the religious wars that take place later in this century. It takes its ciphers from Nostradamus' Epistle to Henry 1558 where the Adriatic is mentioned. In doing so it establishes the pattern of ciphers found in the passages in the Epistle matches that found in the verse of the Prophecies.

Frequency of  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus Prophecies:

C9 Q31 1: chastising, segregation, teachings, Basques, retreated, 2: abysms, determent, appeal, chassis, abyss, 3: deterrent, 4: giants, abysm, 6: emblems, 7: genitor , fonder, chains,

C2 Q52 1: neutralist, Cithaeron, reimplant, starletter, arrogance, uuisest, 2: unlegislated, Sephirothene, literatures, Laplanders, exuvial, pediments, imperant, upstream, carnages, uuinters, suitors, 3: unlisted, despume, 4; amputees, therein / neither, 5: insulated, uplands, 6 spirulate, offers, murex, arranges,

C5 Q27 1: Magdalen themes, envisioned, atmosphere, 2: metaphors, arousement, enumerates, potash, 3: ornaments, galleons, totems, pandered, 4: Norseman, temblor, trodden, path, 5: legator, agendas, 6: atoms, manager, refute, 8 Abdera, feature, aligned,

C9 Q60 1: Barcelona, mealtimes, dilemmas, barnacle, Baltic, 2: melisma, denigrator, resemblant, Tunisia, tumbler, 3: misarranged, promotion, Metatrons, trembles, mislead, barren, 4: minds, agenesis, transport, 5: resources, 6: resemble, 7: corner, genitor, rotates,

C2 Q86 1: earthly-soul, responded, seismometric, layouts, Michel-Nostredame-stories handed, 2: neutralises, Mahometen, terrestrial, emblems, commits, carried,odden, 4: Egypt, presses, 5: Elamites, esoteric, 6: comets, resemble, 7 : Rafuna, Homam, type, 10: story

C2 Q55 1: consolidate, riverhead, planetoidal, pollinated, flotilla, reinferred, Pentagon, 2: pollinate, antipode, reacquire, Saxon, galleon, cameras, inferred, 7: Ierusalem, pilot, value, scam,

After this the barren Dame of great power will be received by the people from the second of two nations. But the first are made obstinate by [she] who has all power over the second and so a third [nation] will extend their forces towards the circuit of the East of Europe where, in the Pannonias (North-eastern Adriatic ) they will be profligate and die. And by sea the navy will extend to Adriatic Sicily. Nostradamus 1558 Henry Epistle [HEE10]

The arks built by the Warriors of ancient times will accompany them to the waves of Neptune. In the Adriatic there will be great discord and that which will have been united will be separated. Nostradamus 1558 Henry Epistle [HEE22]

By clustering the verse based on these links some further very intriguing threads are found and they link directly to claims made by Nostradamus about his ideas and his need to hide them until the world was in a position to better understand their content.

The themes recur in a cohesive manner through the Sefirots which give a framework that unlocks their content. However the majority of the important links came directly from the wording in Nostradamus' text not the anagrams. Although anagrammatic terms such as seismometric, layouts, temblor (quake), atmosphere, comets, potash  and atoms are clear definers of the same story line.

For instance in the Sefirot for Pannonian wars C10 Q62 line 2 says The herald of Bude will come to warn which is hard to understand on its own. This is overcome in the Sefirot in which its located but it has ties to entries in the current selection that are quite notable since solely by their wording they identify their parallelism. In C2 Q86 line 4 there is The Herald surrendering himself is appointed to cry out while C2 Q32 line 3 says A great cry will sound through all Slavonia. From these we know that the herald who comes from Budapest (Budes) warns of impending danger by surrendering himself after being told to cry out when the event occurs. We also know he is in Slovenia at the time of its occurrence.

These type of patterns abound and again others can be seen in the chart below.

Many of the verses are united by the concept of the earth undergoing great shaking particularly in places in the eastern Mediterranean and its offshoot seas (Adriatic, Aegean and Black seas). And out of their hidden content (the anagrams) emerge themes that seemingly challenge the laws of chance by their relevance and affirmation of ideas expressed elsewhere in Nostradamus' writings. For instance the author's name Michel Nostredame is found in C2 Q86. It is a compound anagram bound in with the anagram for stories (Michel-Nostredame stories) but the whole anagrams for story, comets,  travel & seismometric also exist in the same line.

So from the input of this verse we are led to deduce that Nostradamus' vision foresaw the destructive power of a passing comet upon the Earth and the future of mankind. It appears that the greatest impact is in the eastern Mediterranean but its happening triggers a pending war and this in turn results in the central European nations endorsing the concept of a scientifically resurrected Jesus. However the leader they choose has biological flaws arising out of the process giving him creation. All this is found within the cluster as well as the story of the barren Lady's part in the process.

Given this amount of detail combined with descriptions of flood wreaked havoc given in the cluster we can further deduce that these events are likely to occur in the period from 2100 to 2110.

This chart has strong connections to the Chart on the Barren lady and the Pannonian Wars


The Sefirot I present below illustrates each of the points made above. Access to their full verse analyses is available using the following links:

  C5 Q19 C9 Q31 C2 Q52 C3 Q23 C5 Q27 C9 Q60 C2 Q32 C2 Q86 C3 Q21 C2 Q55
Chart of Nostradamus' verses war, quake, Jesus clone events in Adriaticwars











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