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Sephirot giving impact of rising sea levels in Nostradamus Prophecies.

Allan Webber November 2017.

It is the purpose of this paper to present the Sefirot that focuses on names of places and topographic structures affected by floods. The principal keys come from names given in the text and via anagrams found in the lettering of each prophecy. In taking this as the basis my work draws on the guidance Nostradamus left in his Epistle to Henry. In the following quotes it is apparent he stresses that the regions are unified by their sharing similar climatic effects and by extension that changing climatic effects determines which towns, cities and rivers have relevance to any particular age: the most part the prophecies have been composed and are in accord with astronomical calculations corresponding to the years, months and weeks of the regions, countries and most of the towns and cities of all Europe, including Africa and part of Asia. By changing of [these] regions [to ones] which approach the greater part of all these climates, and which consist of a natural [similar] group we can answer some one who needs to blow his own [trumpet/nose]; the algorithm will be as easy as the understanding of its meaning is difficult.... 1558 Henry Epistle HEE2

Eurupean land topography 2020Avery transparent part of Nostradamus' work shown in his Prophecies and their accompanying documents is that there will be a flood that will cover seventy percent of the land surface of France. To talk of climate in such a setting we can conclude that Nostradamus would have had to use a geography far different than that of his time or ours. To cover seventy per cent of France requires an increase in sea level of 180m. Many low lying countries would disappear all together but others such as Iran would only be affected along their coastline. See my papers onn Floodsssssandd Flood Sefirot for verses that establish this background.

I find that so many deluges and such deep floods shall befall the world before the universal conflagration that there shall not be scarcely any land. And this will be for such a long time that except for enenographies a and topograpies all would be lost...1555 Cesar Preface (PCE8)

And by worldwide floods between here and the term I have fore-stated, and before and after it by several times, will [the world] be so diminished, and so few people will there be found that want to take to the fields which will become free for as long as their prior owners have held them....1555 Cesar Preface (PCE9)

Although Nostradamus' claims are beyond what might be considered reasonable we must use his settings if we are to properly read his verses.

So intensive rains fall over an extended period, seas rise, coastlines move inland, low-lying cities are submersed, people flee to safer land, rivers flood, river streams pick up strength, storms rage and waves increase in strength. And as the rains continue arable land is taken out of production, river towns are destroyed by raging waters, seaports cease to be appropriately placed, large cities succumb to the water's embrace and people flee to safer land. Famine follows and disease. Revolution, robbery, civil dysfunction, corruption and exploitation match the waters rise. New towns spring up in higher regions, new ports and vessels are needed to serve country no longer easily linked by road.

And all of this can be seen in the verses included in the fifteenth chart. These verses are dominated by references to named rivers, cities, towns and seaside ports. Many verses contain names that don't fit to any known place but many are commonly known. In the past people have altered the names to try and make them work but it may well be they are right and apply to a new future where the landscape has changed. Yet those that we can identify show consistencies. The rivers are those that traverse lowlands, the towns and cities overturned and devastated are those that exist on land below 180m and the exceptions amongst those mentioned are sites where terms of long-term survival are also used. And they are located above the 180m level.

For us, the people of the twenty-first century, this is not a story we can welcome. Impotence to affect such a world-wide change means we have to believe Nostradamus was wrong and it helps that it seems outside the realm of current science expectations. Yet this too is what Nostradamus saw in relation to these events:

This is because kingdoms, sects, and regions will change to the diametric opposite of that seen in the present day. If I had drawn up events as they will happen the people of that realm, sect, religion and faith, would find it so bad that they would listen to fantasies and come to damn that which future centuries will know through seeing and perceiving....1555 Cesar Preface (PCE2)

The group of verses included in this Sefirot cover events that would accompany such a massive change in sea level.

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Nostradamus' verses giving impact of rising flood levels. 







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