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Secrets to Nostradamus' Code: Agrippan Cipher Sephirot revealed

Allan Webber October 2017.


It is the purpose of this paper to present the second Sefirot Chart showing the way Agrippa's work was transformed to provide a date coding system using poetry consisting of four lines. This topic is covered in detail in my paper called Cornelius Agrippa since I have included in it sections from Agrippa's work covering the Orphical scale of the number twelve, the music of the planets underpinning Nostradamus' lettering and other aspects such as the use of angelic names.

Two samples of the material included in Agrippa's work are given below:

Agrippa BK II Pt III Chapt xxvi: But understanding now, that of the seven Planets, Saturn, Mars, and the Moon have more of the voice then of the Harmony. Saturn hath sad, hoarse, heavy, and slow words, and sounds, as it were pressed to the Center; but Mars, rough, sharp, threatning [threatening] great and wrathful words: the Moon observeth a mean betwixt these two; but Jupiter, Sol, Venus and Mercury, do possess Harmonies; yet Jupiter hath grave, constant, fixed, sweet, merry, and pleasant Consorts; Sol venerable, settled, pure and sweet, with a certain grace; but Venus lascivious, luxurious, delicate, voluptuous, dissolute and fluent: Mercury hath Harmonies more remiss, and various, merry and pleasant, with a certain boldness: but the Tone of particulars, and proportionated Consorts obeyeth the nine Muses. Jupiter hath the grace of the octave, and also the quinte, viz. the Diapason with the Diapente: Sol obtains the melody of the octave voice, viz. Diapason; in like manner by fifteen Tones, a Disdiapason; Venus keepeth the grace of the quinte or Diapente. Mercury hath diatessaron; viz. the grace of the quarte:

Agrippa Orphical dozen

Below is the second of my Sefirot trees and in this chart I have tried to highlight the many connections between the verses in ways useful to the reader.

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Access to the individual verses and the original paper where these analyses first appeared can be gained via the links below:

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